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District Residency (Adult And Continuing Education)   

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For all students enrolling in the division of adult and continuing education, the following guidelines with regard to residency shall apply:

1. Residency within the State of California is required for enrollment in classes for adult students. All other students must pay nonresident tuition, the rate for which is set annually by the Board of Trustees.

2. Each student shall sign an "Affidavit of Residency" and submit it to the adult school office.

3. Any student providing an out-of-state address, incomplete address, or post office box address shall have his/her registration pulled for further consideration.

4. Students listing an out-of-state address shall be instructed to report to the main office of the school to pay their tuition charges in advance according to current district procedures.

5. Students listing a post office box as an address shall be required to provide proof of residency within the state of California. The following are examples of acceptable documentation for that purpose:

a. Rental agreement

b. Utility bill/statements

c. Escrow papers/deeds

d. Mortgage payment receipts/coupons

e. Other legal documents showing an address within California (an administrator or designee may make a home visit to verify residence.)

6. No adult student shall be denied enrollment because he/she is homeless. Acceptable indices of residence in these cases include:

a. Social services agency verifying homeless status

b. Hotel or motel receipts from locations within California

7. Students not providing proof of residency as described above will not be enrolled in adult school classes.

8. If the site principal or his/her designee is unable to verify California residence to his/her satisfaction, the matter shall be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent of Adult and Continuing Education for determination.


adopted: November 17, 2008 Chula Vista, California