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Grades/Evaluation Of Student Achievement   

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Written report cards displaying students' grades in each subject or course shall be distributed to parents/guardians at the end of each grading period. Parents/guardians shall be offered an opportunity to meet with their child's teacher(s) to discuss the grades and strategies to improve their child's performance.

(cf. 6020 - Parent Involvement)

Whenever it becomes evident to a teacher that a student is in danger of failing a course, the teacher shall arrange a conference with the student's parent/guardian or send the parent/guardian a written report. (Education Code 49067)

(cf. 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention)

For each student in grades 9-12, the Superintendent or designee shall maintain a transcript recording the courses taken, the term that each course was taken, credits earned, final grades, and date of graduation.

(cf. 5125 - Student Records)

(cf. 6146.1 - High School Graduation Requirements)

Grades for Achievement

For grades 4-12, grades for achievement shall be reported for each grading period as follows:

A Outstanding Achievement 4.0 grade points

B Above Average Achievement 3.0 grade points

C Average Achievement 2.0 grade points

D Below Average Achievement 1.0 grade points

F Little or No Achievement 0 grade points

I Incomplete 0 grade points

An Incomplete shall be given only when a student's work is not finished because of illness or other excused absence. If not made up within six weeks, the Incomplete shall become an F.

Because of the more rigorous nature of Advanced Placement, honors, and concurrent postsecondary courses, students receiving a grade of A, B, or C in those courses shall receive extra grade weighting as follows:

A Outstanding Achievement 5.0 grade points

B Above Average Achievement 4.0 grade points

C Average Achievement 3.0 grade points

(cf. 6141.5 - Advanced Placement)

(cf. 6172 - Gifted and Talented Student Program)

(cf. 6172.1 - Concurrent Enrollment in College Classes)

Use of Alternative Grades for Scholarship

In addition to the regular scholarship grades, the following grades may be used when specific criteria are met:

1. "E" Grade: Should be used when all the following criteria are met:

a. In the opinion of the teacher and the counselor, using all available information, the student does not have the capacity (usually used for Special Education or English Language Learners) to meet the minimum requirements of the course.

b. The level of attainment does not meet the minimum requirements of the class.

c. In the opinion of the teacher, the student is putting forth maximum effort.

2. When an "E" grade is given to a student, the following actions shall be taken by staff:

a. The teacher giving the "E" grade shall provide the counselor with a written description of the specific skill(s) which the student did not display.

b. The counselor shall indicate in writing the rationale for the student's placement in the class for which he/she received the "E" grade.

c. The principal shall review with the counselor the counselor's and teacher's written statements to determine appropriate program placement and support services for the student.

3. "I" Grade: Should be given only in case of long-term absence when there has been no opportunity to make up work missed and when the following criteria are met:

a. Prior consultation with an assistant principal to determine the reason for absence is required.

b. Students have a period equal to the extent of the absence to make up incomplete work.

c. The teacher giving the incomplete grade is responsible for establishing a contract with the student to complete the required work within one semester or less.

d. The teacher is also responsible for reporting a letter grade to the registrar at the end of the agreed upon period given for making up the work.

e. The teacher assigning an incomplete shall provide the registrar with the following information:

(1) The student's name, the course, and the contract for completing missed work.

(2) Explicit directions for averaging the incomplete work with the grade in progress, to be completed within the timelines specified by the teacher-student contract by a designated certificated representative. This is especially important in cases where the teacher is leaving for summer/intersession vacation.

(3) Incomplete grades will be recorded as an "F" grade by the registrar if the work is not completed satisfactorily and assessed by the assigning teacher (or designated certificated representative) after one semester from the date of receiving the "I" grade.

4. "NC" Grade: An "NC" ("no credit") mark may be given to a student who:

a. enters a class too late in the semester to receive a passing grade (after the ninth week or 45 school days), but who intends to complete the course work for credit the following semester.

b. has been absent for an extended period of time because of illness, bereavement or other excusable reason, and has had prior consultation with administrator and teacher.

c. An "NC" grade is not to be used as a factor for determining qualification for sports or extra curricular activities.

d. A teacher who gives an "NC" grade shall:

(1) Establish a contract with the student to complete the required work within one semester.

(2) Hold a progress conference with the student and counselor a quarter after the "NC" grade is given.

e. The counselor shall obtain computer printouts of "NC" grades and will confirm with each teacher of record the status of those grades.

f. The "NC" mark may be replaced by a passing grade if and when the student:

(1) Demonstrates proficiency in the course materials at a level acceptable to the teacher of record or department chairperson if the teacher of record is unavailable.

(2) Successfully completes the coursework in intersession or summer school.

(3) Successfully repeats the class.

g. A student receiving an "NC" mark shall have up to one semester from date of receipt of the grade to change the "NC" mark to a passing grade and thus satisfy the requirement. Otherwise, the "NC" mark will be replaced with an "F" and the student must repeat the course in its entirety to obtain the credit.

5. "NM" Grade: An "NM" ("no mark") grade may be given to a student who:

a. is enrolled in an advisory period (homeroom) for which there is only a citizenship grade recorded.

b. is not to be used as a factor for determining qualification for sports or extracurricular activities.

c. A teacher who gives an "NM" grade shall record a grade in citizenship for the student.

Grades for Physical Education

No grade of a student participating in a physical education class may be adversely affected due to the fact that the student, because of circumstances beyond his/her control, does not wear standardized physical education apparel. (Education Code 49066)

(cf. 6142.7 - Physical Education)

Student performance in high school physical education courses shall be based upon evaluation of the student's individual progress, attainment of goals in each instructional area, tests designed to determine skill and knowledge, and physical performance tests. (5 CCR 10060)

Grades for College Courses

When the district has approved a student to receive district credit for coursework completed at a community college or four-year college, he/she shall receive the same letter grade as is granted by the college.

Grades for Citizenship, Study Skills, and Effort

Grades for citizenship, study skills, and effort shall be reported as follows:

A = Superior

B = Above Average

C = Average

D = Below Average

F = Unsatisfactory

Repeating Classes

With the approval of the principal or designee, a student may repeat a course in order to raise his/her grade. Both grades received shall be entered on the student's transcript, but the student shall receive credit only once for taking the course.

The two grades shall be averaged in determining the student's overall grade point average (GPA).

Withdrawal from Classes

A student who drops a course during the first six weeks of the grading period may do so without any entry on his/her permanent record card. A student who drops a course after the first six weeks of the grading period shall receive an F grade on his/her permanent record, unless otherwise decided by the principal or designee because of extenuating circumstances.

Effect of Absences on Grades

Teachers who withhold class credit because of excessive unexcused absences shall so inform students and parents/guardians at the beginning of the school year or semester. When a student reaches the number of unexcused absences defined as excessive in Board policy, the student and parent/guardian shall again be notified of the district's policy regarding excessive unexcused absences.

(cf. 5113 - Absences and Excuses)

The student and parent/guardian shall have a reasonable opportunity to explain the absences. (Education Code 49067)

If a student receives a failing grade because of excessive unexcused absences, the student's record shall specify that the grade was assigned because of excessive unexcused absences. (Education Code 49067)

Grades for a student in foster care shall not be lowered if the student is absent from school due to either of the following circumstances: (Education Code 49069.5)

1. A decision by a court or placement agency to change the student's placement, in which case the student's grades and credits shall be calculated as of the date the student left school

2. A verified court appearance or related court-ordered activity

(cf. 6173.1 - Education for Foster Youth)

Grade Point Average

The Superintendent or designee shall calculate each student's GPA using the grade points assigned to each letter grade in accordance with the scale described in the section "Grades for Achievement" above. The grade points for all applicable coursework shall be totaled and divided by the number of courses completed.

(cf. 5126 - Awards for Achievement)

(cf. 6145 - Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities)


approved: April 19, 2010 Chula Vista, California