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Student Dress, Grooming And School Uniform (Mandatory)   

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This administrative regulation provides guidelines to study, plan, and/or recommend a site mandatory school uniform policy.

Principal Office - Suggestions or questions regarding this procedure shall be directed to the Director of Student Support Services.

Legal and District Requirements - Although any school may recommend a mandatory school uniform, legal parameters and district policies shall be followed.

Committee - Each school site shall have a committee composed of a minimum of the following representatives. The principal of the school shall serve as the chairperson/facilitator. All decisions made by the committee shall be made by consensus.

Six parents/guardians

Two students

Two teachers

Two classified employees

One counselor

Two community representatives


Written requests to study a mandatory school uniform policy may be made by any one of the following:

1. The district: the Board of Trustees or the Superintendent

2. The school staff: 15 or more employees at the site

3. The principal of a school

4. A group of 15 or more students

5. A group of 15 or more parents/guardians

Principals shall notify their Area Superintendent and Director of Student Services office in writing within 15 working days of a school's intent to study a mandatory school uniform policy.

Notification and articulation with affected districts: The elementary district(s) and all affected elementary schools shall be kept informed of:

1. The proposed study

2. Scheduled community meetings

3. The projected date of implementation

Principals shall notify their feeder elementary and junior high/middle school or high school of the proposed action.

Presentations to staff and community - The school mandatory uniform plan shall be presented to the certificated and classified staff, community, parents, and students. A minimum of six meetings shall be held for community and staff input.

Staff Survey

1. A survey of all persons employed at the site shall be completed to determine support. The survey forms will be counted by the principal or his/her designee.

2. A parent survey shall be completed after informational meetings have been held. The survey, including the number of people who voted and the results, will be communicated to the community in a timely manner.

Approval of Board: Following notification, the Board must determine that the proposed mandatory school uniform policy is necessary for the health and safety of the school's environment six months prior to the proposed implementation date. (No later than March for traditional schools and January for year-round schools).


Student transfer and placement issues

1. No student shall be denied admittance to a school with a mandatory uniform requirement because of an inability to buy the school uniform.

2. An "Application for Exemption from the Student Uniform" requirement shall be provided to any parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s) requesting an exemption. (See Exhibit 3)

3. Students whose parents prefer to be in a school without a mandatory school uniform policy may be transferred upon the parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s) request.

(a) Students will be assigned to the school nearest to their home school if space is available.

(b) Transportation to and from the new school shall be in accordance with the current Board policy 3003.

If the mandatory school uniform policy is adopted by the Board, the school uniform shall be effective for a minimum of three years to ensure program continuity, unless mitigating circumstances verified by the Superintendent arise.


approved: November 17, 2008 Chula Vista, California