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Sweetwater Un HSD |  AR  5141.26  Students

Tuberculosis Testing   

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The following protocol shall be followed for any student who has a positive TB skin test:

The parent/guardian must provide the school with the results of a current chest x-ray (within the previous 12 months) before the student enters class. If no x-ray has been done, the parent/guardian shall be given a TB follow-up form to take to his/her personal physician or to the county public health office. The student must then obtain a chest x-ray and bring proof that the film was taken for school entry.

Any student with active tuberculosis shall be excluded from attendance at a district school in accordance with AR 5112.2 - Exclusions from Attendance.

(cf. 5112.2 - Exclusions from Attendance.)

Students shall be screened or tested for tuberculosis under the following circumstances:

1. Whenever ordered by the local health officer, students seeking admission for the first time to a district school at any grade level shall submit to tuberculosis testing. Any student subject to the order shall be admitted to school as follows:

a. The Superintendent or designee shall unconditionally admit the student if he/she, prior to admission, submits a certificate, signed by any public or private medical provider, indicating that he/she has completed an approved tuberculosis examination and is free from active tuberculosis. (Health and Safety Code 121485, 121490, 121500; 22 CCR 41305, 41311, 41313)

A student shall not be required to obtain the certificate if his/her parent/guardian or custodian provides the Superintendent or designee with an affidavit stating that the required examination is contrary to his/her beliefs. If there is probable cause to believe that such a student has active tuberculosis, he/she may be excluded from school until the Superintendent or designee is satisfied that he/she is not afflicted. (Health and Safety Code 121505)

b. A student who has not submitted the certificate may be conditionally admitted provided that he/she receives an approved tuberculin skin test within 10 school days after admission. A student who had a positive skin test and has not subsequently obtained a chest x-ray may be conditionally admitted if he/she receives a chest x-ray within 20 school days after admission. Any student who fails to provide the certificate within those time periods shall be prohibited from further attendance until he/she provides the certificate. (Health and Safety Code 121495; 22 CCR 41315, 41327)

c. Whenever the local health officer so orders, a student may be required to complete an additional examination and provide another certificate indicating that he/she is free of communicable tuberculosis. (Health and Safety Code 121485)

d. At the discretion of the local health officer, the district may admit a student without a certificate if he/she is undergoing or has already undergone preventive treatment for tuberculosis infection or treatment for tuberculosis disease. (22 CCR 41319)

2. Whenever the Superintendent or designee suspects that a student who has not been examined for tuberculosis either has the disease or has been exposed, he/she shall immediately report by telephone to the local health officer. When required by the local health officer, the district shall exclude the student from school until he/she is certified to be free of communicable tuberculosis. (22 CCR 41329)

The Superintendent or designee shall maintain a record of any student's tuberculosis examination as part of the student's mandatory permanent student record. (22 CCR 41323)

(cf. 5125 - Student Records)

The Superintendent or designee shall annually file a report with the local health department on the results of tuberculosis examinations for all individuals required to complete such examinations in accordance with item #2 above, including, but not necessarily limited to, the number of individuals unconditionally and conditionally admitted and the number of individuals exempted on the basis of their personal beliefs. (22 CCR 41325)


approved: November 17, 2008 Chula Vista, California

revised: February 15, 2011