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The Sweetwater Union High School District desires to provide a safe school environment that allows all students equal access and opportunities in the district's academic, extracurricular, and other educational support programs, services, and activities. The Board of Trustees prohibits, at any school or district activity, unlawful discrimination, including discriminatory harassment, intimidation and bullying targeted at any student by anyone, based on the student's age; gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information; sex, actual or potential parental, family, or marital status that treats students differently on the basis of sex; race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, immigration status; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. The Board shall promote programs that ensure discriminatory practices are eliminated in all district activities.

(cf. 0410 - Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities)

(cf. 5145.9 - Hate-Motivated Behavior)

(cf. 5146 - Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students)

(cf. 6164.6 - Identification and Education under Section 504)

The Board of Trustees shall ensure equal opportunities for all students in admission and access to the educational program, guidance and counseling programs, athletic programs, testing procedures, and other activities. School staff and volunteers shall carefully guard against segregation, bias and stereotyping in instruction, guidance and supervision.

(cf. 6142.1 - Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction)

(cf. 6145 - Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities)

(cf. 6145.2 - Athletic Competition)

(cf. 6164.2 - Guidance/Counseling Services)

The Board of Trustees prohibits intimidation or harassment of any student by any employee, student or other person in the district. Staff shall be alert and immediately responsive to student conduct which may interfere with another student's ability to participate in or benefit from school services, activities or privileges.

(cf. 5145.2 - Freedom of Speech/Expression)

(cf. 5145.7 - Sexual Harassment)

Students who harass, bully, intimidate and/or retaliate against other students shall be subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including counseling, suspension and/or expulsion. An employee who permits or engages in harassment may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

(cf. 4118 - Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

(cf. 5131 - Conduct)

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)

(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)

(cf. 5144.2 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process (Students with Disabilities))

The Board of Trustees hereby designates the following position as Director for Nondiscrimination to handle complaints regarding discrimination and inquiries regarding the district's nondiscrimination policies:

Chief Compliance Officer

670 L Street, Suite G

Chula Vista, CA 91911

(619) 796-7720

(cf. 1312.1 - Complaints Concerning District Employees)

(cf. 1312.3 - Uniform Complaint Procedures)

Any student who feels that he/she is being harassed should immediately contact the Director for Nondiscrimination, the principal or any other staff member. Any student who observes an incident of harassment should report the harassment to a school employee, whether or not the victim files a complaint.

Employees who become aware of an act of harassment shall immediately report the incident to the Director for Nondiscrimination or the site principal. The Director shall maintain a record of all reported cases of unlawful discrimination, including discriminatory harassment, intimidation, or bullying to enable the district to monitor, address, and prevent repetitive prohibited behavior in district schools.

Legal Reference:


200-262.4 Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sex, especially:

221.5 Prohibited sex discrimination

221.7 School-sponsored athletic programs; prohibited sex discrimination

48900.3 Suspension or expulsion for act of hate violence

48900.4 Suspension or expulsion for threats or harassment

48904 Liability of parent/guardian for willful student misconduct

48907 Student exercise of free expression

48950 Freedom of speech

49020-49023 Athletic programs

51006-51007 Equitable access to technological education programs

51500 Prohibited instruction or activity

51501 Prohibited means of instruction

60044 Prohibited instructional materials


1714.1 Liability of parents/guardians for willful misconduct of minor


4621 District policies and procedures

4622 Notice requirements


422.55 Interference with constitutional right or privilege


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2000h-2-2000h-6 Title IX, 1972 Education Act Amendments


100.3 Prohibition of discrimination on basis of race, color or national origin

104.7 Designation of responsible employee for Section 504

106.8 Designation of responsible employee for Title IX

106.9 Notification of nondiscrimination on basis of sex


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adopted: November 17, 2008 Chula Vista, California

revised: April 12, 2011

revised: January 28, 2019