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The Board of Trustees believes it is important for parents/guardians and community members to take an active interest in the issues affecting district schools and students. Therefore, the board encourages interested parents/guardians and community members to visit the schools and participate in the educational program.

(cf. 1240 - Volunteer Assistance)

(cf. 5020 - Parent Rights and Responsibilities)

(cf. 6020 - Parent Involvement)

To ensure the safety of students and staff and minimize interruption of the instructional program, the superintendent or designee shall establish procedures which facilitate visits during regular school days. Visits during school hours should be arranged with the principal or designee. When a visit involves a conference with a teacher or the principal, an appointment should be scheduled during noninstructional time.

For the purpose of college courses being offered and held during the regular operational hours of the high school as part of the College Bound program, the provision for "closed" campus shall not be applied. The high school site where the college course(s) are being offered shall allow non-high school students to attend pursuant to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1250. The College Bound program allows for Southwestern College to offer credit courses at the high school site(s) and enroll both general students as well as concurrently enrolled high school students.

(cf. 6116 - Classroom Interruptions)

Any person who is not a student or staff member shall register immediately upon entering any school building or grounds when school is in session.

(cf. 1112 - Media Relations)

The principal or designee may provide a visible means of identification for all individuals who are not students or staff members while on school premises.

No electronic listening or recording device may be used by any person in a classroom without the teacher's and principal's permission. (Education Code 51512)

The board encourages all individuals to assist in maintaining a safe and secure school environment by behaving in an orderly manner while on school grounds and by utilizing the district's complaint processes if they have concerns with any district program or employee. In accordance with Penal Code 626.7, the principal or designee may request that any individual who is causing a disruption, including exhibiting volatile, hostile, aggressive or offensive behavior, immediately leave school grounds.

Presence of Sex Offender on Campus

Any person who is required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code 290, including a parent/guardian of a district student, shall request written permission from the principal before entering the school campus or grounds. The site principal will consider the needs of the student body as a whole in conjunction with the rights of parents to participate in and direct the education of their children. As necessary, the principal shall consult with local law enforcement authorities before allowing the presence of any such person at school or other school activity. The principal also shall report to the superintendent or designee any time he/she gives such written permission.

Within a reasonable period of time after a request is made, the principal or his or her designee, will notify the registrant if permission has been granted.

If permission is granted, the principal shall indicate on the written permission the date(s) and times for which permission has been granted. The written permission will also contain any event or campus-specific procedures the registrant must follow to ensure the safety of the student body.

(cf. 1312.1 - Complaints Concerning District Employees)

(cf. 1312.2 - Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials)

(cf. 1312.3 - Uniform Complaint Procedures)

(cf. 1312.4 - Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures)

(cf. 3515.2 - Disruptions)

Legal Reference:


32210 Willful disturbance of public school or meeting

32211 Threatened disruption or interference with classes; misdemeanor

32212 Classroom interruptions

35160 Authority of governing boards

35292 Visits to schools (board members)

51512 Prohibited use of electronic listening or recording device


1070 Refusal to disclose news source


230.8 Discharge or discrimination for taking time off to participate in child's educational activities


626-626.10 Schools

627-627.10 Access to school premises, especially:

627.1 Definitions

627.2 Necessity of registration by outsider

627.7 Misdemeanors; punishment


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adopted: November 17, 2008 Chula Vista, California

revised: April 12, 2011

revised: September 24, 2012

revised: December 11, 2017