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Sweetwater Un HSD |  AR  3440  Business and Noninstructional Operations


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To ensure the accountability of district equipment, the superintendent or his/her designee shall maintain an equipment inventory in a manner authorized by state law for the following:

1. All equipment items currently valued in excess of $500;

2. All equipment items purchased with federal funds or matching non-federal funds and acquired at a unit cost of $500 or more;

3. All electronic equipment items currently valued in excess of $200, not including monitors, scanners and printers; and

4. All musical instruments regardless of value.

Accountability of District Equipment

The finance department is responsible for maintaining an inventory of district equipment. The finance department shall establish and maintain a historical inventory, which shall contain the description, name, identification numbers, and original cost of all items of equipment acquired by the district according to the above prescribed limits. The inventory record shall also include the date of acquisition, and the location of use, as well as the date and method of disposal. Equipment may not be disposed of without the approval of the board of trustees.

Disposal of District Equipment

Equipment that is surplus to the needs of the district, or is no longer in working condition and unsuitable for school use, may be disposed of in accordance with state law. Requests for disposal of district-owned equipment shall be initiated by electronically submitting a work order through the district's business system (TrueCourse), submitting district form 9410 to the purchasing department. The purchasing department shall request the approval of the board of trustees to dispose of the equipment in accordance with state law, and shall update the inventory master file as to the disposition of the equipment.

Transfer of District Equipment

The district's business system (TrueCourse), District Form 9410 shall be used to facilitate the transfer of equipment from one location to another within the district, and to update the on-going master inventory file.

Physical Inventory

The district's finance department shall conduct annual wall-to-wall physical inventories in order to locate district equipment, and provide a report of the reconciliation of the assets located and those contained within the master inventory file.


approved: October 18, 2010 Chula Vista, California

revised: January 14, 2014