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Security Resident Program For School Property   

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The district has a Mobile Home Space and Security Resident Agreement that thoroughly delineates the responsibilities of the security resident.

Effective May 2004, the Cabinet determined that the Security Resident Program would be terminated, and through attrition, the current residents who move off of campus will not be replaced.

Mobile Home Sites

The board of trustees directed the development of mobile home sites on school property for the purpose of enabling responsible persons to install and occupy mobile homes on such sites in return for maintaining surveillance over the school grounds and reporting illegal or suspicious activities.


The following guidelines shall apply in implementing the board's directive:

1. Sites selected for mobile home spaces shall be located in such manner as to provide as much security as possible for buildings and grounds and, at the same time, provide the resident with as much privacy as possible.

2. In constructing mobile home sites, the district will provide such installations as are necessary, including utilities, fencing, asphalt driveways, and parking areas.

3. Applicants for security resident positions shall complete the Security Resident Application (available from the planning department), and submit the application to the planning and facilities department for processing.

4. Applications for security resident positions will be screened by the principal or designee of the school site under consideration. After an applicant(s) is selected by the principal, the following forms (available from the planning department) are completed:

a. Mobile Home Space and Security Resident Agreement

b. Volunteer Application

c. Request for Live Scan Service

5. Security residents are considered "volunteers," therefore fingerprints must be taken at any Police Department. Results are called into the benefits department, before an offer may be made to applicant(s). The above listed documents must be completed before applicant(s) may move onto the site.

6. Upon receipt of the Certificate of Insurance, the rating of the insurance company will be verified by the planning department, through the following website: The insurance carrier shall not have less than an "A-" rating and a financial rating of not less than "Class VII." The insurance carrier must be authorized to provide insurance in the state of California. This is verified by the planning department, through the California Department of Insurance website:, and select "Check your Insurance Company's Profile."

7. The Security Resident Agreement may be terminated by either party with or without cause, with a thirty (30) day written notification.

8. There may be an annual review of performance by the site principal/designee, using the Annual Performance Appraisal of Security Resident form (available from the planning department) to determine the effectiveness of the security resident at the school.

9. The security residents and all documents shall be approved by the board of trustees, before the applicant may move in, and a copy of the board item maintained in the file in the planning department.

10. Effective immediately, no further applications will be accepted, due to the termination of the security resident program.

(cf. 1240 - Volunteer Assistance)

(cf. 3515 - Campus Security)

Legal Reference:


35160 Permissive Code

45125.1 Fingerprinting Requirements/Background Check


approved: September 21, 2009 Chula Vista, California