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Residents Of Adjacent Foreign Countries Tuition, And Issuance Of I-20's   

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The following guidelines shall apply in the first-time enrollment of a foreign student in any district school:

Eligibility for Enrollment in District School

Residence, social/physical maturity, chronological age, and educational preparation of the applicant establishes basic eligibility for enrollment in a district middle, junior or senior high school.

1. Students below age 12, as of December 2, shall be directed to the appropriate elementary school.

2. The following guidelines should be utilized when considering placement in grades 7-9.

12-13 years of age 7th grade

14 years of age 8th grade

15 years of age 9th grade

In the absence of school records, the results of a district placement test shall be considered as additional criteria to different placement in a 7-9 junior high or a 9-12 senior high.

3. Placement in grades 9-12 shall be in accordance with the unit requirements as follows:

9th grade - less than 10 units

10th grade - 10-19 units

11th grade - 20-29 units

12th grade - 30+ units

4. An 18 year old with records and the possibility of graduating within the school year should be allowed to enter a senior high school.

5. An 18 year old without records should be directed to the appropriate adult school.

Evidence of Academic Achievement

Acceptable evidence of academic achievement and grade level shall be as follows:

1. Official school transcripts.

2. Report cards, check-out sheets, and/or other records.

Transferable Course Work from Mexico

Course work completed in Mexico may be equated according to the following criteria:

1st year Secundaria = 7th grade

2nd year Secundaria = 8th grade

3rd year Secundaria = 9th grade

1st year Preparatoria = 10th grade

2nd year Preparatoria = 11th grade

Transferable Course Work from the Philippines

Course work completed in the Philippines may be equated according to the following criteria:

1. Grades 1-6 are comparable to elementary school. Having completed 6th grade, student should be placed in 7th grade.

2. Grade 7 is equated with 7th grade in junior high/middle school.

3. Therefore:

1st year = 8th grade

2nd year = 9th grade

4. A diploma from a school in the Philippines is equal to a 9th grade education.

Transferable Course Work from other Countries

Course work from other countries should be evaluated on an individual basis. If a student is unable to get records, the parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s) should be required to sign an affidavit and have it notarized listing the courses which the student has completed.

Course/Unit Requirements for Promotion/Graduation

Course/unit requirements established by Board policies 6402, 6403, 6404, and competencies which must be demonstrated for graduation, as outlined in regulation 6404.1 shall apply.

1. The student shall not be expected to meet district course requirements for grade levels below that in which he/she is placed. Example: a student placed in 11th grade shall not be held responsible for meeting course requirements for grade 10.

2. A student whose primary language is other than English and who lacks English language communication skills shall be enrolled in appropriate English Language Development speaking educational programs in accordance with district policy 6171 and implementing regulations.


approved: November 17, 2008 Chula Vista, California