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Sweetwater Un HSD |  AR  5125.21  Students

Confidentiality Of Counseling Information   

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Any information of a personal nature disclosed by a student age 12 or older in the process of receiving counseling from a school counselor is confidential. Information discussed during counseling shall not become part of the student record without the written consent of the student.

Releasing Student Information

Moreover, such information shall not be revealed, released, discussed or referred to except as follows:

1. Discussion with licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists or other health care providers for the sole purpose of referring the student for treatment.

2. Reporting of child abuse or neglect as required by law and Board policy.

3. Reporting information to school authorities or parents/guardians of the student to avert a clear and present danger to the health, safety or welfare of the student or others.

4. Reporting to appropriate authorities, inside and/or outside the school, when the student indicates that a crime will be or has been committed.

5. Reporting information to one or more persons specified in a written waiver after such waiver is signed by the student.

6. Reporting to law enforcement agencies when directed to do so by court order.

7. When required to testify under oath in a judicial or administrative hearing conducted in accordance with applicable Government Code mandates.

8. Other than stipulated above, a school counselor may not be forced to break such confidentiality under threat of disciplinary action, charges of insubordination and/or dismissal.

9. The intent of the regulation is that counselors use the privilege of confidentiality to assist the student to communicate more effectively with parents/guardians, school staff, and others.


approved: November 17, 2008 Chula Vista, California