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Psychological Records/Reports   

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Guidelines for custody, preparation, maintenance, storage, access, transfer, confidentiality, disposal, and parental/student rights regarding student records are outlined in district administrative regulations 5125.1 and 5125.2. In addition to the mandates and constraints contained in those regulations, because of their sensitive nature, the following special considerations shall be given to psychological records/reports:

Responsibility for Psychological Records and Reports

The director of special support services is charged with district-wide responsibility for implementing Board policies relating to psychological records. The principal or certificated designee is responsible for implementation at the school site.

Preparation of Psychological Reports

Psychologists shall write reports in clear, concise language, which includes information pertinent to the student's educational program and also protects the privacy of the student and the student's family.

Distribution of Psychological Reports and Records

Psychological reports are provided to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team following special education assessment by the psychologist.

Copies of psychological reports shall not be placed in cumulative folders but maintained in a separate file in the office of special support services.

Upon receipt of a psychological file provided by a psychologist, a dated entry shall be made in the student's cumulative folder to indicate that the psychological file has been established.

Other psychological reports shall be distributed as directed by the examining psychologist when special assessments have been made.

Reports shall be transmitted by intradistrict mail service in a suitable envelope or faxed to a private, secured FAX machine.

Storage of Psychological Reports and Records

A psychological file containing the original or a legible copy of each psychological report, all related test materials, notes and reports from other psychological agencies shall be maintained in the office of the director of special support services.

Psychological reports on special education students shall be filed in the appropriate special education student folder.

Psychological reports at school sites shall be stored in a locked file and their availability restricted to school personnel working with the student.

If a student moves from the school where the psychological reports are stored, the psychological reports shall be returned to the office of the director of special support services. The principal of the next school may request a copy of the reports from the director of special support services if they should be needed.

Access to Psychological Records and Reports

Psychological reports shall be made available to school personnel having responsibility for the student.

Within five school days of a request, the parent/guardian or adult student as defined in Education Code 49061 has an absolute right to inspect the material in the student's psychological file.

1. Inspection shall be in consultation with a district psychologist, preferably the psychologist who examined the student, or the director of special support services during regular hours of the school day.

2. The editing or withholding of records is prohibited.

Access to a student's psychological file shall be permitted to any person for whom a custodial parent/guardian of the student has executed written consent specifying the records to be released and identifying the person to whom the records may be released.

1. The recipient must be notified by the custodian of the psychological file that the transmission of information to others is prohibited.

2. The consent notice shall be permanently kept in the psychological file.

Transfer of Psychological Records

When psychological records are requested by individuals or agencies, or other school officials, written consent from the student of 18 years of age or older, or from either parent/guardian, if the student is a minor, must be in-hand before a copy if the report is made available.

Reports requested by agencies or individuals outside of the district shall be transmitted only with parental consent, if applicable, and with prior knowledge of the examining psychologist. The psychologist will consult with such agencies or individuals of needed.

Reports leaving the district shall be sent be first-class mail, by FAX or by suitable carrier.

Use of Psychological Files for Study and Research

Use of psychological files as a source of data for scholarly research and study shall require the approval of the director of special support services.

Reports developed from data collected from psychological files for the purpose of research shall not show the identity of individual students or their parent/guardians.

All personally identifiable data shall be destroyed by the researcher when no longer needed for the purpose for which it was obtained.

Prior written assurance regarding security of psychological data shall be obtained from the researcher before access is granted.

Destruction of Psychological Files

The psychological files of a student who is 21 years of age by June 1 shall be sent to the director of special support services for disposal provided it contains no materials that are less than three year old and the student is not in a special education program.

Folders shall be maintained as long as a student is in a special education program and until the information in the psychological file is at least three years old.

Psychological files for disposal shall be sent to the office of the director of special support services.

When personally identifiable information which has been collected, maintained, or used as a part of a special education program is no longer needed to provide services to the student, the psychological report and the last IEP will be placed on microfiche.

Procedures Governing Parent Right to Challenge Information

Procedures governing parental right to challenge information in a psychological file are identical to those procedures outlines in administrative regulation 5125.1 pertaining to challenge the content of student records.


approved: November 17, 2008 Chula Vista, California