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Tamalpais Union HSD |  AR  3530  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Risk Management   

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Management and Control of District's Risk Management Program

1. The management and control of the District's risk management and any and all insurance authorized by the Board of Trustees shall be the responsibility of the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services.

2. The Assistant Superintendent for Business Services shall serve as the risk manager for the District.

3. The District risk manager, in consultation with staff and community, shall have authority to establish rules and procedures, consistent with Board policy, to ensure the safety and well being of students, employees and the public while on or in school District property that will aid in keeping the District's liability to a minimum and the premiums for insurance as low as possible consistent with insurance requirements and the exposures to be insured.

Kinds of Insurance Authorized

The following insurance shall be carried in accordance with applicable rules and regulations: (Any of these insurance coverages may be pooled with other school Districts if it is in the best interests of this District to do so.)

1. Fire, lightning, extended coverage and vandalism and malicious mischief insurance covering all buildings and their contents owned, leased or occupied by the District, in such amounts as are authorized by the Board.

2. Comprehensive liability insurance covering members of the Board, the school District's officers and employees while acting in the discharge of their duties within the scope of their employment and/or under the direction of the Board.

3. Fidelity bonds protecting the District against loss occasioned by fraud or dishonesty of officers, employees, members of the Board, and student body organizations of the District.

4. Workers' Compensation Insurance covering all volunteers, student worker and employees of the District, in accordance with the laws of the state governing workers' compensation, sufficient to provide the benefits as prescribed by such laws.

5. Casualty, fire, theft and collision insurance covering all vehicles owned, leased or operated by the Board to the limits and under its direction.

6. Boiler and pressure vessel property damage insurance covering steel boilers and such other pressure vessels and property to the limits deemed sufficient by the risk manager and as directed by the Board.

7. All risk insurance covering any property owned by the District as specified by the risk manager and directed by the Board.

Settlement of Losses

1. When any property covered by insurance is lost, damaged or destroyed, a notice concerning the loss shall be sent immediately to all effected carriers or their representatives and local law enforcement officials as appropriate.

2. The District risk manager shall act for the Board in the settlement of losses and the District risk manager shall sign the proof of loss.

3. Any settlement amounts shall be collected from the insurance company(ies) and deposited to the credit of the District in accordance with the laws governing such collection.

Maintenance of Insurance Records

1. The District risk manager shall maintain a current record of all insurance policies in force including the names of JPA pools, agents or companies through whom the insurance is written.

2. The risk manager shall also maintain a record of current policy numbers, premiums, rates and loss experience.


approved: March 23, 1993 Larkspur, California