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Tamalpais Union High School District 9th Grade Mathematics Placement Protocol   

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In January of 2016, the California State Legislature passed a new law, SB359, requiring all school districts serving students in grade 9 to create a "fair, objective and transparent mathematics placement policy"(SB 359). The purpose of this law is to ensure districts are not unduly requiring students to repeat certain math courses, despite having shown proficiency in the subject matter. The law requires that districts use multiple measures for determining math placement, and that all 9th grade students be assessed within the first month of their 9th grade year to ensure proper math placement. Furthermore, school districts are required to share the 9th grade math placement data at a public meeting of the Board of Trustees beginning in the fall of 2016.

To that end, Tamalpais Union High School District has created this 9th grade mathematics placement protocol. This protocol was developed in collaboration with our feeder districts. The data used to place students into the most appropriate math course will include:

* current math course

* current math course grade

* common placement assessment to be administered in the May prior to the student entering 9th grade

All 9th grade students will be administered a common assessment 3 weeks after the start of the fall school term in order to verify appropriate placement. This assessment will be administered during the regular school day.

Within 10 school days of an initial placement decision or a placement decision upon reevaluation, a student and his/her parent/guardian who disagree with the placement of the student may appeal the decision to the Superintendent or designee. The Superintendent or designee shall decide whether or not to overrule the placement determination within 10 school days of receiving the appeal and will notify all parties. The decision of the Superintendent or designee shall be final.

A student's parent/guardian must submit a written request for appeal of mathematics placement within10 days of the initial placement decision to:

Office of the Superintendent

Tamalpais Union High School District

395 Doherty Drive

Larkspur, CA 94939


version: August 23, 2016 Larkspur, California