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Responsibility Guidelines for Student Behavior

The Superintendent

The Superintendent shall exercise leadership in establishing all necessary procedures to make effective the Board of Trustees policy relating to the standards of student behavior. He/she may involve representatives of all areas of school personnel, students, parent/guardians and residents of the community.

The School Principal

The school principal shall be responsible to the Superintendent for the conduct of his/her school. The principal shall have the responsibility and the authority to formulate school procedures to enforce the District policies and state laws relating to standards of student behavior, in conformity with the guidelines established by the Superintendent. The principal shall, in developing these procedures, involve representatives of the certificated and classified personnel, students and parents/guardians. A complete understanding and cooperative support at this level by all school personnel is important so that performance of duties will be within the framework of the District policies and procedures.


Teachers will be directly responsible for proper and adequate control of students. This responsibility and authority of teachers extends to all students of the District under the assigned supervision of such a teacher, and to other students so situated with respect to the teacher, as to be physically subject to that teacher's control.

Classified Personnel

Classified personnel will assume responsibility and authority for the proper and adequate control of students only in those instances and areas specifically assigned by the Superintendent and/or principal.


Parents/guardians are expected to cooperate with the school authorities and participate in conferences regarding the behavior of their children. Parents/guardians shall be held responsible for the willful misbehavior of their children as provided in the Education Code.


Students will be encouraged, through student government and other types of student activity appropriate to their levels of maturity, to assume responsibility for controlling their own conduct.


approved: April 27, 1993 Larkspur, California