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Interdistrict Special Day Class Placements   

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The purpose of this policy is to encourage the orderly placements of students in programs other than those operated by their District of Residence (DOR). To maintain maximum flexibility in the Marin Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), it will be necessary for districts who operate programs to be willing to accept students from other districts when their program is the appropriate one for the individual student in question. Placement shall be activated through a coordinated Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting involving the "sending" and "receiving" districts subject to the attached procedures.

While encouraging collaboration and cooperation on the part of districts, it is understood that the ultimate responsibility for placement, program, and due process issues remain with the district of residence. It is further recognized that the implementation of this policy and procedures may be lengthy.

It is agreed that special education students may be placed in a special day class program outside their district of residence without an inter-district transfer.


adopted: May 10, 1994 Larkspur, California