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Use Of Copyrighted Materials   

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All District staff shall adhere to the provisions of the federal copyright law and maintain the highest ethical standards in using copyrighted materials. The District shall provide no legal support to any employee who violates the copyright law. Willful infringement of this law by students or staff may result in disciplinary action.

(cf. 4119.21/4219.21/4319.21 - Professional Standards)

(cf. 6163.1 - Library Media Centers)

When selecting appropriate supplementary instructional materials, it is each staff member's responsibility to adhere to the provisions of federal copyright law, Board policy, and administrative regulation. The district shall not be responsible for any violation of copyright laws by its staff or students. If a staff member is uncertain as to whether reproducing or using copyrighted material complies with the law, he/she shall contact the Superintendent or designee for clarification and assistance. At no time shall it be necessary for a district employee to violate copyright laws in order to perform his/her duties.

(cf. 4040 - Employee Use of Technology)

The Board of Trustees recognizes that computer software piracy contributes to higher costs and decreases commercial incentives for the development of quality educational computer software. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the district observes all publisher licensing agreements between vendors and the district, including monitoring the number of users permitted by an agreement. In circumstances where the interpretation of the copyright law is ambiguous, the District shall determine appropriate use of computer software by referring to the license agreement and/or policy statements contained in the software packages used in the District. Unless the applicable licensing agreement authorizes multiple users of a single program, the district shall not make multiple copies of a computer program or software. Staff members shall take reasonable precautions to prevent copying or the use of unauthorized copies on school equipment. Computer-related instruction for students and staff shall address the ethical and practical problems caused by software piracy.

The Superintendent or designee shall be the only individual who may sign license agreements for software for District schools. Each school using licensed software shall have a signed copy of the software agreement.

(cf. 0440 - District Technology Plan)

(cf. 3300 - Expenditures and Purchases)

(cf. 3312 - Contracts)

(cf. 6163.4 - Student Use of Technology)

The Superintendent or designee shall maintain regulations to discourage violation of all copyright laws and prevent illegal copying activities.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that staff and students receive information and training about copyright laws and the penalties for violating such laws.

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4231 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4331 - Staff Development)

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adopted: March 9, 1993 Larkspur, California

revised: March 8, 2011