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Alternative Schools Or Programs   

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The District shall maintain and fund alternative schools or programs at the same level of support as other district educational programs for students of the same age level. (Education Code 58507)

Teachers employed and students enrolled in alternative schools shall be selected entirely from volunteers. (Education Code 58503)

Students enrolled in alternative schools or programs shall be eligible for District transportation in the same manner as students attending regular schools.

(cf. 3250 - Transportation Fees)

(cf. 3541.5 - Alternative Transportation Arrangements)


At the beginning of each school year, the "Notice of Alternative Schools" shall be sent to all parents/guardians as set forth in Education Code 58501. During March of each year, a copy of this notice shall be posted at each school in at least two places normally visible to students, teachers and visiting parents. (Education Code 58501)

Copies of Education Code 58500-58512, providing for alternative schools, shall be placed in the District office and in the principal's office at each school and shall be made available to any interested parent/guardian, teacher or student. (Education Code 58501)


All proposals for the establishment of an alternative school or program shall:

1. Meet District program goals and student outcomes contained in the state curriculum frameworks.

2. Demonstrate that the number of students interested in enrolling in the alternative school is sufficient to meet normal student/teacher staffing ratios.

3. Demonstrate that teachers are willing to work within the program.

4. Include a comprehensive plan for a yearly evaluation of the program to be carried out by the district.

5. Demonstrate that the proposed operational plan conforms with District timelines and makes equitable use of district staff, facilities and resources.

6. Provide a statement of the specific anticipated costs of launching the proposal. The proposal may draw upon outside funding sources as well as requesting district support for start-up costs which will not continue after the first year. As long as individual school allocations are not affected, start-up costs may include such items as staff development, purchase and/or renovation of facilities, purchase of an initial inventory of equipment and supplies, and staff and travel expenses for program planning.

7. Provide assurance that there will be no racial, sex or ethnic discrimination in any aspect of the operation of the alternative school. (Education Code 58508)

8. Provide assurance that previous classroom performance will not limit any student from the opportunity of attending the alternative school or program. (Education Code 58504)


Alternative schools or programs shall establish procedures for enrollment which shall be widely publicized and consistently applied.

Any student may apply for enrollment in any alternative school.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish a three-week enrollment period for alternative schools and shall provide timely information about these programs to students, parents/guardians and the community.

When the number of requests for admission to an alternative school exceeds its capacity, applicants will be chosen by lot.

No tests or other screening devices shall be used to determine admission unless the particular program has a need for unique entrance requirements. Such requirements will be subject to Board approval.

When an alternative class group is established within a school, the Superintendent or designee shall ensure that students currently enrolled in the school will not be displaced. The school shall further preserve a small number of spaces for new neighborhood enrollees. New students thus shall have priority access to the school, but shall be obliged to wait along with other applicants before entering an alternative class group within the school.

Parents/guardians may request that a student's enrollment in an alternative school be rescinded at any time. Such requests will be effective at the end of the school year in which they are received unless an earlier date is agreed upon by the principals of the schools involved or by the principal and teachers of the class groups involved.


approved: May 11, 1993 Larkspur, California