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School Professional Development Program (SB 1882)   

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District Development Plan

The Superintendent or designee shall prepare a District development plan which supports coordinated professional development in the schools. The District plan shall set forth District improvement priorities, including specific professional development objectives and activities designed in accordance with law. (Education Code 44671)

The District development plan shall include a process for the phase-in of all schools that are eligible to create school instructional improvement plans. (Education Code 44671)

The District plan shall promote staff development in all areas of study specified in Education Code 51210 or 51220, provided that different subject matter areas may be emphasized in different years. (Education Code 44671)

The District plan also shall indicate how annual objectives will be served through the California Subject Matter Projects and through university endeavors to enhance teaching strategies pursuant to Education Code 99200-99205. (Education Code 44671)

School Development Plans

1. School Improvement Objectives

In order to plan useful staff development activities and improve instructional practices, annual school improvement objectives shall be developed at each participating school with the involvement of classroom teachers selected by teachers, other staff including teaching paraprofessionals, the principal, parents/guardians, and other community members. In secondary schools, this group shall include students and teachers representing each major academic subject area taught. (Education Code 44670.4)

The capacity of school staff to provide the services required of them shall be considered when school improvement objectives are developed. These objectives shall help the school staff to: (Education Code 44670.3)

a. Improve instructional practices in each subject, strengthen subject matter knowledge, and improve support services based on a continuing examination of instruction and learning in the subject areas offered by the school. This examination shall include research, if any, based on classroom experience conducted by teachers in accordance research standards and procedures generally accepted in higher education.

b. Ensure that subject matter requirements, teaching strategies and instructional materials meet uniformly high academic standards and respond to students' widely diverse learning needs and styles.

c. Review, select and learn to use curricula and instructional materials in a wide variety of subject areas, giving consideration to the state-recommended curriculum framework and model standards for each subject.

d. Address ways in which educational technology can support the instructional program.

e. Improve the school and classroom environments and working relationships with parents/guardians and the community.

f. Improve student attendance.

2. Construction of Professional Development Program

When school improvement objectives have been identified, a school staff development committee shall design a professional development program which gives all school staff opportunities to participate in activities which reflect these objectives.

The school staff development committee shall consist of classroom teachers, the principal, one or more mentor teachers, and other school staff. Nonadministrative certificated staff serving on the committee shall include but not be limited to counselors, librarians and nurses. Classroom teachers selected by teachers shall comprise the majority of this committee. (Education Code 44670.5)

As appropriate, the school staff committee shall consult with institutions of higher learning and with resource agencies, consortia or subject matter projects established pursuant to the Education Code. (Education Code 44670.5)

Professional development programs shall:

a. Allow for diverse activities, including the study of theory, observation of demonstration lessons, practice opportunities for peer coaching, consultation and feedback, and systematic observations of other classrooms or schools.

b. Be conducted during time that is set aside for such programs throughout the year, including regular times when participating staff are released from their regular duties.

c. Be continually evaluated and modified by participating staff, based upon benefits to staff and students.

d. Include the active, continuing participation of the principal and other administrators in one or more activities.

e. Offer follow-up activities to help participating staff use newly-acquired skills on the job.

f. Promote the career development of instructional paraprofessionals with activities that encourage them to pursue the education and training necessary to become classroom teachers. (Education Code 44670.5)

Schools with approved school instructional improvement plans may request approval from the Board for time during the regular school year to conduct professional development programs. Such time shall not exceed eight days each year for each participating staff member. (Education Code 44670.6)

3. Instructional Improvement Plan Approval

The Board shall approve or disapprove school plan requests consistent with the District development plan, State Board of Education regulations and the following criteria:

a. A three-year instructional improvement plan must be submitted by the school's staff committee. This plan must include school improvement objectives and a professional development program which meet the requirements of law.

b. The plan shall describe: (Education Code 44670.9)

(1) Specific subject matter areas to be addressed.

(2) Professional development objectives and steps necessary to achieve them.

(3) How any staff development activities, regardless of funding source, are incorporated into the plan.

(4) How the school plan articulates with the District plan.

(5) A related budget, including information on how existing resources will support the plan.

(6) Procedures for ongoing evaluations and modifications by school staff, including evaluation of long-term impacts on student learning and staff professional growth.

(7) How professional development days funded under the plan may be used.

c. Requests for plan approval shall include evidence that all activities in the plan's professional development program meet the requirements for professional growth activities specified in Education Code 44277. (Education Code 44670.9)

(cf. 4131.5 - Professional Growth for Credential Renewal)

d. School plans developed pursuant to other state or federal categorical programs shall be integrated into the school development plan so as to form one comprehensive improvement plan for the school. (Education Code 44670.5)

e. School development plans shall address subject areas specified in Education Code 51210 or 51220. Different subject areas may be emphasized in different years. (Education Code 44670.4)

f. School development plans shall indicate how the school's annual objectives will be served through the California Writing, Mathematics and Science Projects and through university endeavors to enhance teaching strategies pursuant to Education Code 99200-99205. (Education Code 44670.4)

School development plans shall be updated annually in keeping with annual objectives. The plans shall be subject to Board approval every two years. (Education Code 44670.9)

Participating schools shall represent the diversity of student population and include schools that serve low-income and underachieving students. When a school plan is not approved, the Board shall provide specific reasons for disapproval. (Education Code 44671)

School representatives shall have reasonable opportunities to discuss their school plans with the Board or its designated representatives. (Education Code 44671)


approved: April 7, 1993 Larkspur, California