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Tamalpais Union HSD |  BP  5116  Students

School Attendance Areas - Comprehensive High Schools   

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The Governing Board desires to maintain three comprehensive high schools serving the Tamalpais, Drake, and Redwood K-8 attendance area communities.

To attend any of the District's three comprehensive high schools, absent an interdistrict transfer, a student's parent/guardian must be a legal resident of the school District.

Students shall enroll in and attend their school of residence in their attendance area unless otherwise authorized by Board policy.

Students who move their primary residence to the attendance area of a District school other than the school they currently attend (within the District boundaries) may remain at their current school of attendance through graduation. Such students must notify their school of attendance of their new residence address.

(cf. 5116.1 - Intradistrict Attendance-Compelling Need)

(cf. 5116.2 - Intradistrict Attendance-Open Enrollment)

(cf. 5117 - Interdistrictistrict Attendance)

Attendance areas for the District's three comprehensive high encompass the designated elementary Districts listed under the particular high school:

Redwood High School Attendance Area

Kentfield School District

Larkspur School District

Reed Union School District

Ross School District

Sir Francis Drake High School Attendance Area

Lagunitas School District

Nicasio School District

Ross Valley School District

Tamalpais High School Attendance Area

Bolinas-Stinson School District

Mill Valley School District

Sausalito School District

The Board may review and adjust school attendance area boundaries, taking into account relevant factors such as changes in school capacity and enrollment, student safety and transportation needs, racial and ethnic balance issues, and educational programs and offerings.

The Board shall hold a public hearing before approving any boundary changes.

Legal Reference:


35160 Authority of governing boards

35160.1 Broad authority of school Districts

35291 Rules

35350 Transportation of students

35351 Assignment of students to particular schools

29 Ops. Atty. Gen. 63


adopted: February 9, 1993 Larkspur, California

revised: January 25, 1994

revised: November 22, 1994

revised: November 27, 1995