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Student Driving And Parking   

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Students are encouraged to walk, bike, car pool and use public transportation whenever feasible. Driving and parking on campus are privileges reserved for students who meet the following conditions:

1. Possession of a currently valid driver?s license.

2. Registration of the vehicle in accordance with the school?s parking policy.

3. Consistent observation of all vehicular traffic and parking laws.

4. Safe operation of the vehicle at all times.

5. Adherence to school parking policies.

6. Possession and proof of automobile insurance.

Students in violation of school, district, state or local driving ordinances, rules or policies are subject to school disciplinary actions which may include suspension of, or termination of, parking privileges or suspension from school. Students may also be ticketed by local law enforcement agencies for any driving or parking infractions committed on campus.

Schools may:

1. Restrict student visits to their cars during the school day, including before school, after school, morning break and lunch.

2. Consult with law enforcement authorities to establish safe traffic patterns, parking areas, speed limits and school rules regarding driving and parking.

3. Authorize designated staff to be specifically trained and certified by local law enforcement agencies to issue traffic and/or parking tickets.

4. Establish regulations for parking permits, including distance from school limitations, reserved spaces for staff with differential schedules and car pools.

Parking Spaces

The district provides on-campus parking as a convenience to students, staff and visitors.

Student parking is a privilege, not a student right. Staff members are entitled to parking spaces on campus.

Each year, each school shall determine the exact number of safe, designated parking spaces on campus. These spaces shall be identified through striping and clearly visible signs.

School parking spaces shall be allotted by the principal in the following priority order:

1. Emergency vehicles

2. Handicap requirements

3. Staff

4. Visitors

5. Student hardship

6. Established car pools

7. Seniors

8. Juniors

9. Sophomores

Principals shall determine if a student circumstance poses a hardship. Hardships may include, but are not limited to:

1. Residence in outlying areas with no available public transportation

2. Health issues

3. Employment requirements



revised: March 12, 2002 Larkspur, California