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Gifts, Grants And Bequests   

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Business and Non-instructional Operations

The following guidelines represent the procedure for donating to the Temecula Valley Unified School District in the form of gifts, grants, and bequests:

A. All donations (gifts, grants, and bequests) must be submitted for approval through the office of the Superintendent.

B. The Superintendent will designate a staff member, depending on the type of gift, to examine and evaluate any offers of gifts to the District. At the school site level the designated individual is the principal, who will assess the gift, grant, or bequest in light of its usable condition and supportive relationship to the educational program. After the principal assesses the gift as appropriate, he/she will recommend to the Superintendent that the Board of Trustees consider accepting the donation, or indicate why the donation should not be accepted. In some cases, due to the unique quality of a gift, grant or bequest, other staff members in specialized areas may be asked to assist in the evaluation of the donation.

C. If it is ascertained that the gift, grant, or bequest is suitable, the Assistant Superintendent will present the request to donate on the agenda of a regularly scheduled Board meeting in order to receive Board direction to accept or not accept a donation.

D. If the board accepts the gift, it then becomes the property of the Temecula Valley Unified School District as a whole, not of a particular school.

E. Where appropriate, the Superintendent may direct that a gift be designated for use by a particular school.

F. Any gift may be used, replaced, and disposed of in accordance with law and Board policy without further obligation to the donor. Purchases of equipment for individual schools may only occur after consultation and consent of the principal and the Superintendent or designee.

G. No gift may be accepted for use at a particular school if it causes that school to become substantially different in resources or programs from other schools in the District, especially where District funds are not available to duplicate that gift at all schools.

H. In certain circumstances, the principal and Superintendent or designee may agree to use a gift or gifts at a particular school for experimental or pilot projects of a given duration.

I. Any gifts that might cause high maintenance or operations cost and/or be considered unsafe will not be accepted by the Temecula Valley Unified School District.

J. In cases where graduating classes leave money in their student body funds, it shall be placed in the general student body fund or set aside for a specific class gift. Any student funds for class gifts must be expended within one year. Any monies related to a class gift, student organization, gift money, or money from the general student body fund account to improve buildings and grounds must be approved by the Superintendent or designee prior to its acceptance by the District.

Other considerations:

The gift must not add to staff load or place restrictions on the school program. It must not begin a program which the Board would be unwilling to continue when the donated funds are exhausted and/or entail undesirable or hidden costs. A gift must not be inappropriate or harmful to the best education of students or conflict with any provision of federal or state law and regulation and have a purpose consistent with those of the District.

Gift books and instructional materials shall be accepted only if they meet regular District criteria.


approved: January 16, 2018 Temecula, California