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Extracurricular And Cocurricular Activities   

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Extracurricular activities are those programs that have all of the following characteristics: (Education Code 35160.5)

1. The program is supervised or financed by the school district.

2. Students participating in the program represent the school district.

3. Students exercise some degree of freedom in the selection, planning or control of the program.

4. The program includes both preparation for performance and performance before an audience or spectators.

Extracurricular activities are not part of the regular school curriculum, are not graded, do not offer credit and do not take place during classroom time. (Education Code 35160.5)

Cocurricular activities are programs that may be associated with the curriculum in a regular classroom. (Education Code 35160.5)

An activity is not an extracurricular or cocurricular activity if either of the following conditions applies: (Education Code 35160.5)

1. It is a teacher-graded or required program or activity for a course which satisfies the entrance requirements for admission to the California State University or the University of California.

2. It is a program that has as its primary goal the improvement of academic or educational achievement of students.

Approved School List of Extra/Co-Curricular Activities

1. Ukiah High School

Extracurricular Activities (C Average)

Student Body Officers 13 officers

Class Officers, 4 per class 12 officers total

Cheerleaders and Mascot 15 students

Athletics: Boys' and Girls' Football, Tennis, Golf, Cross Country, Track, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Swimming

CoCurricular Activities (C Average)

Band (Music)


Tall Flags and I.D.

Performing Arts

These activities require extensive "outside of class" rehearsal, performance, and/or preparation.

Extra/Co-Curricular Activities (Not requiring 'C' Average)


Music - directly related to class

Drama - when rehearsals are done in class time only Speech or Debate - all activity is within class period

Annual Ukiahilite school newspaper

Peer Counseling


Most activity is within the class.

2. Pomolita/Eagle Peak Middle Schools

Extracurricular Activities ('C' Average)


Interscholastic Sports

Student Body Government

NOTE: A "C" average is also required for participation in the evening dances at Pomolita and Eagle Peak Middle School.

Eligibility Requirements

The grade point average used to determine eligibility shall be based on grades of the last previous grading period during which the student attended class at least a majority of the time. (Education Code 35160.5)

Students who participate in extracurricular activities serve in the capacity of role models, ambassadors of goodwill, and assume a posture of high expectations as representatives of Ukiah High School, Pomolita Middle School, or Eagle Peak Middle School and are subject to the rules and regulations outlined in this section and Board Policy. Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege given to students, not a right of students. Extracurricular activities are defined as athletics, after-school band, after-school drama, and other activities in which the student represents the school. Violation of the rules and regulations outlined below will result in exclusions from such activities as specified.

Students are expected to perform well in the classroom, attend class regularly and comply with all school policies and regulations. Good citizenship, defined generally as behavior expected of a student who is also representative of the district must be practiced at all times even when not under the direct supervision of school authorities. Anyone involved in acts detrimental to the best interests of the school or activity group will be excluded from the activity for times specified:

(a) First offense - four school weeks;

(b) Second offense - 16 school weeks;

(c) Third offense - the entire school year.

A student who is suspended from school is also suspended from all extracurricular activities during the period of suspension.

Students who participate in extracurricular activities as defined may not be involved in possession and/or using drugs or alcohol during the school term which is defined as during school hours, after school hours, weekends, or vacations during the school term (including Christmas, Easter vacations, and other holidays).

Students suspended or referred to on-campus suspension (ICE - Individualized Center for Education) for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be excluded from extracurricular activities for four weeks of competition which may span two seasons. A second offense will result in exclusion for the remainder of the semester or 45 days, whichever is greater. Any exclusion will also include the student being enrolled in a prevention program, including attendance at substance abuse classes and/or participation in a peer-counseling program, when appropriate.

Students expelled for sales, possession, or use of drugs or alcohol, whose expulsion is suspended, will be excluded by the Board from all extracurricular activities for the entire term of their suspended expulsion.

Students placed on a behavior contract for the first possession of marijuana and/or alcohol will be suspended from extracurricular activities for the remainder of the present season and the term of the contract. School administration may develop criteria which allow participation in the following sports season (fall, winter, and spring) if student(s) successfully meets criteria delineated in the behavioral contract, including completion of increased community service hours and substance abuse counseling.

Use of either smoking or chewing tobacco will result in exclusion from extracurricular activities for a period of one week. A second offense will result in an eight week exclusion. A third offense will result in elimination from extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school term.

If a coach determines that a player has been involved in a gratuitous act of violence during or after a game or if a player is "red-carded" or ejected from a game, the coach must report the incident to the principal. The player involved will be removed from the next game. If that student is involved in a second act or if the coach thinks that the initial act was extreme, the student will be removed from that sport for the remainder of the season. No rewards or recognition will be given that player for the season. When one or more players leave the bench to begin or to participate in an altercation, the player(s) will be ejected from that game and will become ineligible for the next contest.

All school rules are in effect during travel to and from as well as during extracurricular activities. All students must travel to and from activities in school-provided transportation, with prior arrangement; an exception may be made for a student to return from an out-of town activity with his/her parent/guardian, providing the parent/guardian makes such a request in person to the coach while at the out-of-town site.

Students who are 18 years of age or older are obligated to follow the listed rules and regulations applicable to participation in extracurricular activities.

In accordance with Board Policy, participation in an extracurricular activity includes "preparation for performance". This means that students are expected to participate in events or activities which support or promote the extracurricular activity. Preparatory activities provide important educational and social training and are considered integral to the extracurricular experience. These activities may include: planning, developing or advertising the program; organizing performances or transportation; assisting with fundraising; and creating or obtaining costumes, equipment, uniforms or other props.

Students who participate in an extracurricular activity must contribute to all facets of the activity including preparation. Certificated staff supervising the extracurricular activity are responsible for equitably allocating preparation duties and assignments for students.

Certificated staff supervising an extracurricular activity may establish to the preparatory stages of an activity. However, a student may not be denied participation in an extracurricular activity solely on the basis of failing to meet an individual target, standard, or goal, if the student can show he/she has put forth the expected effort is provided by sponsors and other participants to assist each student.

When a student makes a commitment to participate within a given activity, he/she has made this commitment for the entire season of the activity. A great deal of time, planning and effort is provided by sponsors and other participants to assist each student. A student must be in attendance at all practices unless excused by the activity sponsor prior to the practice by a telephone message or previous arrangement. In the case of a student's illness, the parent/guardian should telephone the activity sponsor. If practices are to be meaningful,

instructional and well planned, it is essential that each participant be on time and in attendance at each practice. Tardiness and absenteeism cause delays in practice and will result in exclusion from the following event and/or dismissal from the activity.

Since activities entail a great deal of time involving practicing with specific personnel, and since detailed preparation is given to each event, a student who misses an event for an unexcused reason may be dismissed from the activity. A student may not participate in another activity if either he/she quits or is dropped from an activity, for cause until that activity is completed. Any student who is officially dropped from an activity or quits an activity forfeits his/her right for any award. A student must be in attendance all day on event days and practice days. Waivers may be given for unusual causes by principal or designee.

All participants are responsible for uniforms and equipment issued to them. Uniforms are not to be worn for any purposes other than scheduled events. Students will be billed for lost or damaged uniforms or equipment.

Continued or persistent violation of any of these procedures will result in disciplinary action including conferences with parents/guardians, suspension and/or dismissal from an activity. All activity sponsors shall have the final authority for setting criteria for selection, participation, and activity rules other than listed. A copy of these rules will be given to each participant.

When a student becomes ineligible to participate in the upcoming school year, or when he/she is subject to probation, the principal or designee shall provide written notice to the student and his/her parents/guardians. The principal shall also consult with the student's teacher(s) in deciding on a program of remediation to improve the student's academic progress.

(cf. 6164.5 - Student Success Teams)

(cf. 6176 - Weekend/Saturday Classes)

(cf. 6177 - Summer School)

(cf. 6179 - Supplemental Instruction)


approved: November 12, 2013 Ukiah, California