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Procedures for Adopting Various Fees   

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(a) Any action adopting a fee or charge adopted, upon development project, as defined in Section 66000, which applies to the filing, accepting, reviewing, approving, or issuing of an application, permit, or entitlement to use shall be enacted in accordance with the notice and public hearing procedures specified in Section 54986 or 66016 and shall be effective no sooner that 60 days following the final action on the adoption of the fee or charge or increase in the fee or charge.

(b) Without following the procedure otherwise required for the adoption of a fee or charge, or increasing a fee or charge, the legislative body of a local agency may adopt an urgency measure as an interim authorization for a fee or charge, or increase in a fee or charge, to protect the public health, welfare and safety. The interim authorization shall require four-fifths vote of the legislative body for adoption. The interim authorization shall have no force or effect 30 days after its adoption. The interim authority shall contain findings describing the current and immediate threat to the public health, welfare and safety. After notice and public hearing pursuant to Section 54986 or 66016, the legislative body may extend the interim authority for an additional 30 days. Not more than two extensions may be granted. Any extension shall also require a four-fifths vote of the legislative body.

(Added by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1572, Sec. 20.)