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Subchapter 1. Elementary Instructional Materials. Article 2.1. Acquisition Of Adopted Instructional Materials. School District Ordering of Instructional Materials.   

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Each school district shall purchase adopted instructional materials directly from publishers. With respect to the purchase of adopted instructional materials by a school district, the publisher shall comply with the following requirements:

(a) Instructional materials furnished and delivered to the school district by the publisher shall conform to and be of the same quality of workmanship as the instructional materials submitted for adoption.

(b) Upon request by any school district, a publisher shall provide a copy of any manufacturing standards and specifications for instructional materials with which the publisher is currently in compliance.

(c) Should the publisher discontinue an instructional material before its adoption expiration date, upon receipt of a written request from a district that has purchased the discontinued instructional materials, the publisher shall buy back from the school district all of the instructional materials discontinued and any instructional materials designed to be used with the discontinued instructional material. The publisher shall buy back the instructional materials at the price in effect pursuant to the purchase order or agreement at the time when the instructional materials were purchased.

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