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Subchapter 13. Child Health And Disability Prevention Program. Article 4. Required Services. Health Assessment.   

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(a) Conditions. The following conditions apply to health assessments provided to eligible persons:

(1) A health assessment shall not be provided without the voluntary consent of the patient.

(2) A health assessment shall not be provided to minors without the prior and written consent of the minor's parent or guardian unless one or more of the following circumstances exist:

(A) The minor is emancipated.

(B) The minor is married.

(C) The minor is a member of the military forces.

(D) Provision of the service is exempted from parental consent by federal or state statute or regulation.

(b) Required screening procedures. Unless medically contraindicated or deemed inappropriate by the health assessment provider, or refused by the person, health assessments shall include the following procedures:

(1) Health and developmental history.

(2) Unclothed physical examination including assessment of physical growth.

(3) Assessment of nutritional status.

(4) Inspection of ears, nose, mouth, throat, teeth and gums.

(5) Vision screening.

(6) Hearing screening.

(7) Tuberculin testing and laboratory tests appropriate to age and sex, including tests for anemia, diabetes and urinary tract infections.

(8) Testing for sickle cell trait and lead poisoning where appropriate.

(9) Immunizations appropriate to age and health history necessary to make status current. (Patient shall also receive, subsequent to the health assessment, any immunizations which could not be given during the assessment, and any immunizations necessary to complete a series which could not be completed during the assessment.)

(10) Health education and anticipatory guidance appropriate to age and health status.

(c) Additional screening procedures. A community child health and disability prevention program may include screening procedures in its program, additional to the ones included in this section, if these procedures are approved by the Department and the State Child Health Board.

(d) Rechecks. In those instances where a person is eligible for state reimbursement of health assessment costs, reimbursement may be made for one recheck of those screening procedures (excluding the Health History and Physical Examination) and laboratory tests where such a recheck is medically indicated because questionable or marginal results were obtained during the prior screening.

(e) Results of health assessment. The results of the health assessment shall be handled as follows:

(1) Health assessment providers shall provide the person with a copy of the results of the screening tests, with an appropriate explanation of the results. Such notification and discussion of screening test results, unless provided by a licensed or certified practitioner of the healing arts, shall be free of diagnostic statements or suggestions that the person needs any particular treatment. Specifically, no medical care or special education plan shall be instituted solely on the basis of the health screening results.

(2) The results of the health assessment shall be recorded on forms provided by the Department.

(f) Concurrent diagnosis and treatment. Nothing in these regulations shall be interpreted to mean that a licensed or certified practitioner of the healing arts may not provide diagnosis and treatment, in conjunction with the health assessment, if medically indicated.

(g) Nonspecified procedures. Health screening procedures that are approved for reimbursement by the Department are specified, together with their maximum allowable reimbursements, in Section 6868. Reimbursement for procedures not specified in Section 6868 shall not be made without written approval of the Department.

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