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Employee Property Reimbursement   

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The Governing Board does not authorize payment for the reimbursement of employee personal property which may be stolen or intentionally destroyed or damaged while being used for work-related purposes.

No reimbursement shall be made for accidental damage or for any loss due to lack of personal supervision or failure to keep property in a secured area.

The maximum payment shall be the amount specified by the district's insurance carrier for such loss or the amount specified in the applicable collective bargaining agreement, whichever is less.

(cf. 3515.4 - Recovery for Property Loss or Damage)

(cf. 5131.5 - Vandalism and Graffiti)

Reimbursement for personal items used for work-related purposes shall be made only if: (Education Code 35213)

1. Use of the personal property was approved by the principal, site supervisor or designee before the property was brought to school or district premises

2. At that time, the employee and district representative agreed on the value of the property

Legal Reference:


35213 Reimbursement for loss, destruction or damage of personal property

48904 Liability of parent/guardian for willful misconduct; withholding of grades, diplomas

and transcripts


1714.1 Liability of parent or guardian for act of willful misconduct by a minor


adopted: December 14, 2011 Avery, California