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Vista USD |  AR  3515  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Campus Security   

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The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the District's campus security plan includes strategies to:

1. Secure the campus perimeter and school facilities in order to prevent criminal activity

These strategies include a risk management analysis of each campus' security system, lighting system, and fencing. Procedures to ensure unobstructed views and eliminate blind spots caused by doorways and landscaping shall also be considered. In addition, parking lot design may be studied, including methods to discourage through traffic.

2. Secure buildings from outsiders and discourage trespassing

These strategies may include requiring visitor registration, staff and student identification tags, and patrolling of places used for congregating and loitering.

3. Discourage vandalism and graffiti

These strategies may include plans to immediately cover graffiti as well as campus beautification projects and shall also include students and the community in these projects.

4. Control access to keys and other school inventory

5. Detect and intervene with school crime

These strategies may include the creation of a school watch program, an anonymous crime reporting system, analysis of school crime incidents, and collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, including providing for law enforcement presence.

All staff shall receive training in building and grounds security procedures.

The following is the objective of this document: To secure all district property against unauthorized intrusion, all employees requiring access to buildings because of their job responsibilities shall be issued keys for their work area. Each employee shall be responsible for the possession and security of any keys issued to them.


1. The principal is responsible for the security of the school building(s) and contents. The need for strict key control and accountability is therefore required.

a. Issuance of a master key shall be limited to the following:

Principal Plant Supervisor

Assistant Principal Custodian

Office Manager

Spare master keys will not be authorized. One spare key per room will be kept in an approved key cabinet. Custodial key rings are to be left at the site, at the end of the shift in an approved key cabinet. Loss or theft of keys must be reported to the Maintenance Department as soon as it is discovered.

b. Generally, master keys will not be issued to any individual unless provided for in this administrative regulation. Persons other than employees of the District may be issued keys when deemed necessary and when requested by Site/Department Administration and approved by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent, Business Services.

c. A written record will be kept by each site for each key issued, listing name, key number, and number of keys issued.

d. All master keys shall be the responsibility of the individual to whom issued and shall never be loaned out to any other person.

e. Keys shall not be issued to anyone who is not a member of the school staff. Those requests must be processed through the Maintenance Department.

f. Teachers will be assigned keys to rooms they occupy on a yearly basis. At the end of the school year all keys assigned to teachers will be turned in to the Office Manager for proper security during the summer vacation.

g. Keys must never be given to students under any circumstances to open any areas of the school site.

h. When leaving the employee of the district and prior to releasing final pay warrant, payroll will require a key receipt approved by either the principal, human resources, or the district locksmith.

2. Production of Extra Keys: Duplicate keys shall not be obtained by any source other than the District locksmith. Any key badly worn or broken will be replaced on an exchange basis. Keys lost or stolen are to be reported on Form 3000.17 Report of Loss or Damage.

3. Legal Restriction on Possession and Duplication of Keys: Any person who knowingly makes, duplicates, causes to be duplicated, or has in his/her possession any key to a building or other area without authorization and with knowledge of the lack of such authorization, is guilty of a misdemeanor. Penal Code 469.

4. Security and Safety Precautions - Guidelines

a. Entrances and windows should not be shielded by shrubs or trees.

b. Custodians must make a careful security check prior to leaving the site each night to determine that all doors and windows are secure.

c. Key control should be maintained as outlined above.

d. Employees are urged to remove all personal items from their work area. Personal items are not the responsibility of the District and are not insured.

5. Request for Re-keying Locks at any site should be submitted to the Maintenance Department for approval. Upon approval of the Maintenance Department and securing funds for the work, the Assistant Superintendent, Business Services shall authorize the keying work to be accomplished.

6. When Terminating Assignments persons with keys shall turn them in to the Principal or the Office Manager. Management Personnel will turn keys into either the District Locksmith or Human Resources.

7. Procedure At the beginning of the school year, assign Plant Supervisor the responsibility of opening and closing of the school building daily at stated times.

8. After School Use:

Non-school groups

a. Upon receipt of a copy of a "Use of Facilities" permit, the Principal shall designate a regular employee to open the buildings required for use. This employee is to be in charge during after hours school use, and to close the building after use.

b. The school District employee in charge of the building or grounds is empowered to take all reasonable means to enforce rules and regulations pertaining to the use of school property.


approved: December 7, 2012 Vista, California