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Age of Admission

A child shall be admitted to kindergarten during the school year if the child will have a fifth birthday on or before September 1 of that school year. Proof of age shall be required of all enrolling students. The legal evidence of age, in order of desirability, are a birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, immigration certificate, Bible record, or affidavit from parent/guardian.

A child also may be admitted to kindergarten by the principal when it is in the best interests of the child at any time during the school year after the child has attained the age of five years. The principal shall provide the parent/guardian with information as to the advantages and disadvantages and any other explanatory information as to the effects of an early admittance.

A child who has been lawfully admitted to kindergarten may be placed in the 1st grade at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee if the child is ready for first grade work. The Superintendent or designee shall investigate a proposed placement in first grade to ensure that the following minimum criteria are met:

1. The child is at least five years of age and meets requirements of BP 5141.31, Immunizations.

2. The child has attended kindergarten for a long enough time to enable school personnel to evaluate ability.

3. The child is in the upper five percent of the child's age group in terms of general mental ability.

4. The physical development and social maturity of the child are consistent with advanced mental ability.

5. The parent/guardian of the child has filed a written statement approving placement in the first grade.

Each child between the ages of six and 18 years is subject to compulsory full-time education unless accepted by or pursuant to applicable law.

A student shall attend the district in which the residency of either the parent/guardian or caregiver is located unless otherwise authorized by applicable law. A non-resident parent/guardian seeking enrollment must apply for admission to the director Student Support Services.

Homeless students will have access to the education and other services that they need to meet the same challenging state academic content standards. The director of Student Support Services and the district No child Left Behind/Homeless Student Liaison will work with the students and their families in addressing any school enrollment and educational barriers they may face.

The director Student Support Services shall resolve any dispute with regard to residency after an investigation. In the event the parent/guardian disagrees with the determination of the director Student Support Services, the parent/guardian shall file a written appeal with the Superintendent or designee.


approved: October 15, 2014 Vista, California