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Student Leave Of Absence   

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The Board of Trustees may grant a leave of absence to a pupil upon request, under the following terms and conditions:

1. The student will be 15 years of age at the start of the leave of absence and the leave requested is for one semester, or the student will be between the ages of 16 and 18 inclusive and the request is for up to two semesters of leave.

2. The purpose of the leave is supervised travel, study, training, or work not available to the student under another educational option.

3. A written agreement is entered into and signed by the student, student's parent or guardian, the Principal of the school which the student would otherwise attend, a classroom teacher familiar with the academic program of the student and chosen by the student, and the Director Student Support Services.

This agreement will provide for:

a. The purpose of the leave.

b. The length of the leave.

c. Meetings or other contact between, the student and a school official designated in the agreement while the student is on leave.

d. A statement signed by the parent or guardian explaining and justifying the purpose of the leave.

4. The student shall be permitted to return to school at any time. The student shall not be prevented from completing academic requirements within a period of time equal to that of classmates who did not take a leave of absence, plus the length of time the student was on leave of absence.

5. A leave of absence may be extended for one semester on the approval of all parties to the agreement and the local School Attendance Review Board.

6. No leave of absence shall be granted which extends beyond the end of the school year in which the leave is taken.

7. The leave of absence may be nullified by any party to the agreement for cause or by failure of the student to make contact with the designated school official as required in the agreement.

Legal Reference:


48232 Leave of absence for students age 15 at time of commencement of leave

48410 Exemption from continuation education

48416 Leave of absence for students age 16 to 18 inclusive


7000-7002 Emancipation of minors law

7050 Purposes for which emancipated minor considered an adult


adopted: December 9, 2010 Vista, California