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Vista USD |  AR  6146.5  Instruction

Elementary/Middle School Graduation Requirements   

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Conduct at Promotion Ceremonies

Any student participating in a promotion ceremony shall comply with district policies and regulations pertaining to student conduct.

Disciplinary Considerations

In order to encourage high standards of student conduct and behavior, the principal may deny a student the privilege of participating in promotion ceremonies and/or activities based on behavior related incidents. Prior to denial of the privilege, the student, and where practicable his/her parent/guardian, shall be made aware of the grounds for such denial and shall be given an opportunity to respond. If a privilege is to be denied, the student and parent/guardian shall receive written notice of the denied privilege and the means whereby parent/guardian may appeal the decision.

First level of appeal would be with site administration. If no resolution is obtained, parent/guardian may appeal to Student Support Services.


approved: May 19, 2011 Vista, California

revised: May 31, 2017