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Vista USD |  E  9224  Board Bylaws

Oath Or Affirmation   

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Each person taking the oath of office shall sign the Board Member Code of Ethics.

As a member of this Board, I will,

1. Represent the interests of all people served by this organization. Represent and act in the best interests of the entire district, not any one individual, group or trustee area.

2. Not use the organization or my service on this Board for my own personal advantage or for the individual advantage of my friends or supporters.

3. Keep confidential information confidential.

4. Approach all Board issues with an open mind, prepared to make the best decision for the whole organization.

5. Do nothing to violate the trust of those who elected me to the Board or of those we serve (the broader community, not just those who elected me).

6. Focus my efforts on the mission of the organization and not on my own personal goals.

7. Never exercise authority as a Board member except when acting in a meeting with the full Board or as I am delegated by the Board.

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version: August 18, 2011 Vista, California