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Commendations And Awards   

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Any Board of Education member, employee, parent/guardian, student or community member may submit the name of an individual or organization to the Superintendent or designee for Board recognition.

Persons proposing the recognition of an individual or organization shall also indicate a suggested type of recognition which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Plaques or awards to be presented at a Board meeting, for providing the district or community with special, unusual or long-term assistance.

2. Board Resolution to be read at a Board meeting, for distinguished service to children and youth.

3. Letter of Recognition to be prepared by the Superintendent or designee on behalf of the Board, for significant achievement and/or service by groups such as the basketball team, choir, band, and parent/guardian/community organizations.

4. Receptions and other informal recognition activities.

Student Awards and Incentives

District funds may be expended for the purchase of awards and incentives for students. Such awards and incentives shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent, or designee and may be awarded to students at District or school sponsored events in recognition of student achievements and/or accomplishments.

Some of these awards may be purchased with certain categorical funds. The purchases should be motivational awards with categorical funds to address scholastic purposes and objectives specific to eligible students.

General Principles:

1. The award must be appropriately related to the purpose of the program and should be a reasonable way to motivate students to achieve the specified goals of the programs from which the funds were expended.

2. The granting of awards must be governed by the supplement, not supplant provisions found in federal and state statutes and regulations governing categorical aid programs.

3. The award must be directly related to a motivational activity which is part of the school's plan to facilitate academic or related achievement. This activity should be described, justified, approved and evaluated as part of the school's plan. The Board of Education has approval and evaluation responsibilities. In general awards such as

certificates, buttons, emblems, pennants, trophies, special pens and pencils directly tied to the objectives of the particular categorical and program funds used to purchase the awards would be permissible.

4. In general, Awards such as gift cards, flowers, and other like items are not permissible.

5. In keeping with the general intent of the statutes and regulations which govern programs, the cost of awards must not be exorbitant; must not diminish the effectiveness of the program; and should be consistent with the operation of other programs in the District.


approved: August 19, 2010 Vista, California