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Travel Expenses   

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Conference And Travel


1. All travel plans and conference attendance will be arranged to fall within the budgetary constraints of the Vista Unified School District and meet the accountability expectations of our constituency. The number of persons attending any training session, meeting, conference or ceremony shall be appropriate to the need. As appropriate, training sessions or meetings shall be held at district sites.

2. The Board of Trustees shall pay all actual and necessary expenses incurred by any employee performing authorized services for the district upon submission of required documentation. The Board of Trustees shall approve employee requests for travel, meetings, and conferences within the financial limitations set forth in the adopted budget.

Delegation Of Authority To Superintendent:

The Board of Trustees authorizes the Superintendent or his/her designee to approve employee requests for travel, meetings, and conferences in California within the financial limitations set forth under the annual adopted budget. Any trips requiring overnight, out-of-county, or out-of-state travel will require Board approval prior to travel activity and encumbering of District funds for the travel.

Travel Guidelines:

Employees are expected to accept travel assignments as deemed necessary to meet the operational needs of the district and to keep abreast of new trends in education. Participation in the educational development work of professional organizations is encouraged and expected. In order to be approved, travel must be clearly necessary to the effective operation of the programs and services of the Vista Unified School District.

1. Reasonable expenses, including registration fees and conference-connected meals, may be claimed for prior authorized conferences and travel. Reimbursement for checked baggage will not be authorized unless checked baggage is required by the conference organization.

2. Reasonable hotel expenses may be claimed for prior approved conferences when the situation merits accommodation and lodging is approved in advance. Reimbursement will be based on double occupancy (gender permitting). However, the district retains the discretion to approve a single occupancy request upon show of cause. The District will not reimburse for any overnight stay within 100 miles of the District which may include San Diego, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino counties .

3. Claims submitted for the daily cost of meals in connection with authorized attendance at activities may not exceed $32 per day. Costs that exceed the maximum meal cost reimbursement rate must have Cabinet level approval. Any claims submitted for meals must have appropriate original detail receipts (receipts with just totals are not acceptable). If the receipt is for multiple employees, names must be listed of participants. The paying employee will submit the reimbursement request with original detailed receipts. The District is not responsible for any gratuity on reimbursement of food.

4. Meal allowance will not be provided if there is no overnight stay required. No meal allowance will be provided if any of the meals are covered as part of the conference registration.

5. No public funds may be expended on the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Any receipts containing alcoholic beverages will be deducted from any reimbursement.

6. Ground travel should be arranged so that the most number of staff members can be accommodated with the fewest number of cars. Two or more individuals attending the same conference will carpool and only one mileage submission will be paid. Any exceptions will require prior approval from a Cabinet member.

7. Airline tickets should be of least cost, and shall not be arranged on a carrier solely to obtain points, free tickets, or any other amenities or gifts. Employees shall be required to account for gifts, "Frequent Flier" miles, gratuities, or other benefits received from private sources such as airlines, car rental agencies, and other public carriers as a result of travel paid for by the District. If an employee wishes to drive to a conference instead of flying, the District will only be responsible for the lesser of the air fare to the conference activity or the mileage paid at the IRS approved rate.

8. Car rental will be approved if shuttle services are not available from airport to conference/hotel location. Employees shall ensure that rental cars are returned with fuel as required by the rental agency and no additional fees for fuel are incurred.

9. Original detailed receipts are required for reimbursements. Receipts for lump sums are not acceptable.

10. All employees, when operating a private/District owned vehicle on official District business, shall observe all applicable provisions of the California Vehicle Code (i.e. use of seat belts by driver and passengers, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, driving the speed limit, non use of cell phone, etc.). Failure to comply with California Vehicle Code may result in a ticket from the appropriate authority. Employees who fail to comply with California Vehicle Code will be responsible for the payment of any ticket received.


approved: January 2014 Vista, California

revised: November 26, 2018