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Vista USD |  AR  4112.41  Personnel

Employee Drug Testing   

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Pre-Employment Drug/Alcohol Screening for Safety-Sensitive Positions

Applicants for designated safety-sensitive positions shall sign a form consenting to the drug and alcohol testing. The consent form shall authorize release of the test results to the district. To ensure an individual's privacy, the district shall not use test results for any purpose other than those stated in Board policy and administrative regulation, shall maintain the confidentiality of screening records, and shall not disclose such records unless the applicant consents or the Superintendent or designee is presented with a court order requiring the disclosure.

All initial screening tests shall be conducted at the district's expense. Upon obtaining a positive result, the applicant may seek an independent drug and alcohol screening from a recognized medical laboratory at his/her own expense. Any applicant who fails to provide the district with a negative drug and alcohol screening report within five working days of a confirmed positive result shall be determined to have failed the screening and shall not be employed.

Failure to submit to the process or to complete the process shall preclude the applicant from being hired into the position. Disqualified applicants shall not be prohibited from applying for another job within the district.

(cf. 4112.4/4212.4/4312.4 - Health Examinations)

(cf. 4119.23/4219.23/4319.23 - Unauthorized Release of Confidential/Privileged Information)


approved: October 21, 2010 Vista, California