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Classified Personnel   

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There is a merit system in the district covering all classified employees. The Rules and Regulations adopted by the local Personnel Commission and the Board of Education shall be the policies of the district.

The Personnel Commission and the Board will work cooperatively for the benefit of classified personnel.

The Commission shall, as provided by law, prescribe and amend such rules as may be necessary to ensure the efficiency of the service and the selection and retention of employees upon a basis of merit and fitness. The rules shall provide for the procedures to be followed by the Board as they pertain to the classified service regarding application, examinations, eligibility, appointments, promotions, demotions, transfers, dismissals, resignations, layoffs, reemployment, vacations, leaves of absence, compensations within classification, job analyses and specifications, performance evaluations, public advertisement of examinations, and rejection of unfit applicants without competition.

The classified service shall consist of all employees and positions not requiring certification except those which are or may be exempted by law.

Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board shall employ each classified employee of the district. Such employment shall be without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, age, or handicaps.

The Board shall fix and prescribe the duties to be performed by all persons in the classified service. An official job description shall be prepared for each job classification. Persons selected for employment shall fulfill the requirements of law and the rules and regulations and appointment standards set forth in administrative regulation. The Superintendent is authorized to assign each classified employee in accordance with the best interest of the district.

Legal Reference:


45100-45139 Employment of classified staff

45160-45169 Salaries and differential compensation

45190-45210 Resignation and leaves of absence

45220-45320 Merit system

49406 Examination for tuberculosis

51760-51769.5 Work experience education

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adopted: December 9, 2010 Vista, California