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Library Media Centers   

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Objectives of Selection

In the formation of selection criteria and techniques to implement Board policy, major emphasis is placed on the selection of books which aid the student in the pursuit of education and information as well as the creative use of leisure time in preparation for effective citizenship in our democracy.

Library Material Selection Indicators

1. Staff members involved in selection of resource materials shall use the following indicators as a guide:

a. Educational significance

b. Contribution the subject matter makes to the curriculum and to the interests of the students.

c. Favorable review found in standard selection sources.

d. Favorable recommendations based on preview and examination of materials by professional personnel.

e. Reputation and significance of the author and or the publisher.

f. Validity, timeliness and appropriateness of material.

g. Contribution the material makes to the breadth of representative viewpoint on controversial issues.

h. High degree of potential user appeal.

i. High artistic quality and/or literary style.

j. Quality and variety of format.

k. Value commensurate with cost and/or need.

l. Timeless permanence.

m. Integrity.

2. The following recommended lists shall be consulted in the selection of materials. Selection is not limited to these listings.

a. Bibliographies (latest editions available, including supplements)

American Historical Fiction Guide to sources in Educational

Basic Book Collection for Media

Elementary Grades Junior High School Catalog

Basic Book Collection for Middle Reference Books for School

Schools Libraries

The Best in Children's Literature Subject Guide to Children's Books in Print

Children and Books in print

Children's Catalog Subject Index to Books for

Elementary School Library Intermediate Grades

Collection Subject Index to Books for Primary

European Historical Fiction Grades

Biography Westinghouse Learning Directory

As part of the vertical file index, many other special bibliographies have been prepared by educational organizations for particular subject matter areas. These too may be consulted.

b. Current Review Sources

American Biology Teacher (9-12) Mathematics Teachers ((-12)

American Library Association (K-12) Media & Methods (K-12)

Arithmetic Teacher (K-8) National Council of Teachers of English


Booklist (K-12) National Council of Teachers of

Mathematics (K-12)

Curriculum Review (K-12) National Council of Teachers of Social

Sciences (K-12)

English Education (K-12) The Reading Teacher (K-8)

International Reading Association (K-12) Science Books & Films (K-12)

Journal of Reading (K-12) Science & Children (K-8)

School Library Journal (K-12) The Science Teacher (9-12)

Procedure for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

No duly selected materials whose appropriateness is challenged shall be removed from a school except upon the recommendation of a review committee (as provided for below) with

the concurrence of the Superintendent or, upon the Superintendent's recommendation, the concurrence of the Board of Trustees or upon formal action of the Board when a recommendation a review committee is appealed to it.

The procedures for reconsideration of instructional materials are stated in Board Policy and Administrative Regulation l004-Procedures for Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials.


adopted: June 23, 2011 Vista, California