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Community Advisory Committees   

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Community Coordinating Council Bylaws

The Community Coordinating Council (CCC) was formed by the Governing Board of the school district for the purpose of providing a forum for interchange among school sites, the Superintendent, the Board, and the community. This interchange in intended to foster greater understanding of educational programs and student development, to evaluate the effectiveness of the school system, and to solicit feedback on district priorities and performance in keeping with the district Strategic Plan.

In accordance with the ballot language of the parcel tax approved by voters on March 8, 2005, the Council will serve as the Citizen's Oversight Committee, as appointed by the Board. The purpose of this committee will be to review, on an annual basis, both the parcel tax budget and the Independent Audit and to report their findings to the Board.

The Council shall not engage in partisan, sectarian, or commercial activity and shall not endorse any candidate for office.

The Council shall follow the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code 54950) governing open meetings.

The Council shall not take any action or adopt any rules or procedures that conflict with these bylaws or current district policies or procedures.

Voting members of the Council shall be:

1. The President from each parent/guardian organization in the district.

2. One additional representative from each organization in the district.

Each parent/guardian organization will be responsible for selecting their President and Representative and shall promptly fill any vacancies that occur during the school year.

Advisory Members shall be the following:

1. District Superintendent

2. Board member

3. Principals of each of the schools in the district

4. Representative of Las Lomas High School

5. One or more members of the Walnut Creek community (from the W.C.S.D. service area) interested in education

6. The chair or a member of each ad hoc committee appointed by the Council, whose membership will continue until the committee is dissolved by the action of the Council

7. The President of the Walnut Creek Education Foundation (WCEF) or a member of the WCEF Executive Board


Each parent/guardian organization shall have two votes; one for the President and one for the representative. In the event of co-presidents or co-representatives, each shared position shall have one vote.


The officers of the Community Coordinating Council shall be president, Secretary, and Vice President/Treasure. The officer are elected annually each May for a term of one year.


The President:

1. Shall preside at all meetings

2. Shall appoint all committee chairs (subject to the approval of the Council), including the Nominating Committee Chair

3. Shall appoint all community members (subject to the approval of the Council)

4. Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees

5. Shall cast the deciding vote in case of ties

6. Shall schedule regular monthly meetings (September through May) and special meetings of the Council

7. Shall work with the Superintendent and School Board Representative to set the agenda for meetings


1. Shall take and prepare the minutes of each meeting

2. Shall be responsible for providing the minutes to the district office at least two weeks prior to the next meeting so they can be distributed to each member with the Council agenda

3. Shall be responsible for keeping minutes and agendas in a bound book for the purpose of legal record of the activities of the Council

4. Shall present the bound book of agenda and minutes to the district office in June of each year

Vice President

1. Shall assist the President in selecting meeting speakers, making phone calls, and other duties assigned by the President

2. Shall chair Council meetings in the absence of the President

3. Shall bill and collect yearly dues from each site and record them

4. Shall give a financial report at monthly meetings

5. Shall be responsible for all Council disbursements

6. Shall maintain a balanced checkbook and all financial records

7. Shall prepare Council books for an audit by July 31st of each year and cooperate with the district office in conducting the audit


1. Shall be available to serve on committees at the request of the President of Coordinating Council

2. Shall comprise the Nominating Committee

3. Shall report on Council activities at parent/guardian organization meeting at their respective school on Council activities to parent/guardian organization newsletters and other communication media

4. Shall be responsible for providing timely information

Nominating Committee

1. The Nominating Committee chair will be appointed by the President in March. The chair will be responsible for coordinating the Nominating Committee to determine the open positions.

2. The Nominating Committee shall be formed in April and shall meet in April/May

3. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Council Representatives from each parent/guardian organization. In the absence of a parent/guardian organization representative, that organization's President will serve on the Nominating Committee

4. The slate of candidates shall be drawn from the parents/guardian of children in the school district.

5. The Chair is responsible for providing the list of proposed officers to the district office two weeks prior at the May meeting so the slate may be distributed with the May Council agenda

6. The chair will be responsible for presenting the proposed slate of officers at the May Council meeting and shall preside over the election

7. The Nominating Committee will be dismissed after the elections are held at the May Council meeting

Election of Officers

1. Election of all officers will be held at the May Council meeting

2. The Nominating Committee chair will read the proposed slate of officers

3. Nominations will be taken from the floor after the proposed slate of officers has been read

4. The method of voting will be by voice/majority

5. The term limit of officers will be limited to two consecutive years for the same position

6. If a vacancy occurs in an office during the year, the Council President will appoint a replacement who shall be affirmed by voting members of the Council


1. All meetings shall be open to the public and notice of meetings shall be posted at each site as required by the Ralph M. Brown Act.

2. Meetings shall be scheduled monthly from September through May, with both current and newly-elected parent/guardian organization Presidents and Representatives invited to the May meeting

3. No December meeting will be scheduled unless called for by the President

4. Meetings shall be on the fourth Tuesday of each meeting month unless changed by the call of the President

5. An agenda and the previous meeting's minutes shall be distributed to members of the Council at least one week before the meeting

6. A simple majority of voting members must be present at the meeting in order to constitute a quorum

Amendments to the Bylaws

1. A Bylaws Committee shall be formed at the request of the Council, composed of four Community Coordinating Council members, including the Coordinating Council President and a Board member

2. The Bylaws Committee shall review and recommend to the Council amendments to the Bylaws every two years or more often as needed

3. Such recommended changes shall be posted at each school thirty days before consideration for adoption

4. Any amendment to the Bylaws shall be recommended and approved by a majority vote of Council followed by approval as a policy update by the Board


version: December 3, 2007 Walnut Creek, California

reviewed: September 2008