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Chapter 9. Career Technical Education. Article 1. Regional Occupational Centers   

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In enacting this article, it is the intent of the Legislature to provide qualified students with the opportunity to attend a technical school or enroll in a career technical or technical training program, regardless of the geographical location of their residence in a county or region. The Legislature hereby declares that a regional occupational center will serve the state and national interests in providing career technical and technical education to prepare students for an increasingly technological society in which generalized training and skills are insufficient to prepare high school students and graduates, and out-of-school youth and adults for the many employment opportunities which require special or technical training and skills. The Legislature also declares that regional occupational centers will enable a broader curriculum in technical subjects to be offered, and will avoid unnecessary duplication of courses and expensive training equipment, and will provide a flexibility in operation which will facilitate rapid program adjustments and meeting changing training needs as they arise.

It is recognized by the Legislature that career technical programs may achieve great flexibility of planning, scope and operation by the conduct of these programs in a variety of physical facilities at various training locations.

It is the further intent of the Legislature that regional occupational centers and programs provide career technical and occupational instruction related to the attainment of skills so that trainees are prepared for gainful employment in the area for which training was provided, or are upgraded so they have the higher level skills required because of new and changing technologies or so that they are prepared for enrollment in more advanced training programs.

(Amended by Stats. 2000, Ch. 1058, Sec. 46.)