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Adult education: funding   

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Adult education programs, courses, and classes shall not be used to supplant the regular high school curriculum for high school pupils enrolled in adult education. Adult education shall supplement and enrich the high school pupil's educational experiences. Therefore, adult education, at a minimum, shall meet the following criteria:

(a) All programs, courses, and classes conducted as adult education shall be open to adults and listed in the district's catalog of adult education classes provided to the public and shall be under the supervision and jurisdiction of the adult education administrator as determined by the school district governing board.

Adults shall have priority over other students for admission to any adult education class if those adults enroll not later than the regular enrollment period for those classes. The enrollment period shall be published in the course catalog. No course required by the school district for high school graduation or necessary for pupils to maintain satisfactory academic progress shall be offered exclusively through the adult education program. An adult for purposes of this section is a person 18 years of age or older or other person who is not concurrently enrolled in a regular high school program.

(b) Each adult education teacher, whether part time or full time, under contract status or in an hourly position, shall be part of the adult school faculty and shall be under the direct supervision of the authorized adult education administrator.

(c) Enrollment of high school pupils shall be voluntary on the part of the pupil taking the class. Prior to enrollment by a high school pupil in an adult education program, class, or course, the pupil shall have documentation of the counseling session held pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 52500.1.

(d) Enrollment of a high school pupil in an adult education program, course, or class shall be for sound educational purposes, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) The adult education program, course, or class is not offered in the regular high school curriculum.

(2) The adult education program, course, or class is needed by the pupil to make up deficient credits for graduation from high school.

(3) The adult education program, course, or class allows the pupil to gain vocational and technical skills beyond that provided by the regular high school's vocational and technical education program.

(4) The adult education program, course, or class, supplements and enriches the high school pupil's educational experience.

(e) A high school pupil shall not be enrolled for apportionment purposes in an adult education program, course, or class that would be considered any of the following:

(1) Physical education.

(2) Driver's training and education.

(3) Visual and performing arts.

(4) Band.

(5) Preparation of a school yearbook or school newspaper.

(6) Training for, or participation in, athletic camps, cheerleading or spirit organizations, student government, or extracurricular student clubs.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall issue a program advisory that further defines the purposes set forth in subdivision (d) and the courses set forth in subdivision (e). The superintendent is authorized to issue, at any time, rules and regulations instead of the program advisory.

(Amended by Stats. 2001, Ch. 734, Sec. 39.)


Education Code 52500.1