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Subchapter 3. School Libraries. Article 1. School Library Services. Definitions.   

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(a) "School library services" include, but are not limited to, the provision, organization, and utilization of materials and related activities supportive of t he educational requirements prescribed by law and by the school districts which may include the following:

(1) Library Instruction-Provide instruction to students that will enable them to become proficient users of library resources; and provide inservice training for teachers.

(2) Curriculum Development-Provide information to teachers and administrators concerning sources and availability of instructional materials that will aid in the development of school curriculum; team with classroom teachers to develop units of instruction and activities using library resources in the instructional programs.

(3) Materials Selection-Provide assistance to teachers and students in the evaluation, selection, production, and uses of instructional materials.

(4) Access to Materials and Information Resources-Provide a collection of materials and resources that support the curriculum and are appropriate for user needs. Plan a functional system, procedures, and services for maximum utilization of resources.

(5) Professional Development-Assist teachers, administrators, and other school staff members in becoming knowledgeable and current concerning appropriate uses of library media services, materials and equipment.

(b) A "School Library" is an area or group of areas where a program of information sources, associated equipment, and services from appropriate staff are accessible to pupils and school Personnel and may be identified by each school district by any title which is descriptive of its function such as Learning Resource Center, Library Media Center, or Instructional Materials Center.

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