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Waugh ESD |  AR  6146.5  Instruction

Elementary School Promotion/Standards Of Proficiency   

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Student progress towards proficiency in basic skills shall be assessed in English at least once during grades four through six. (Education Code 51216)

A separate assessment shall be made of the student's proficiency in each skill area, and a separate score given in each skill area. (Education Code 51218)

Remedial instruction shall be provided for any student who does not show adequate progress toward mastery of basic skills. This instruction may be provided in summer school and shall continue until the student has been given numerous chances to achieve mastery. (Education Code 51216)

When a student does not meet the district's prescribed standards of proficiency in basic skills, the principal or designee shall arrange a conference in which the student, the parent/guardian and a certificated employee familiar with the student's progress shall discuss the assessment results and steps to be taken to assist him/her toward the mastery of basic skills. (Education Code 51216)

The principal or designee shall send a written notice requesting the student and parent/guardian to attend the conference. The notice shall be written in the primary language of the parent/guardian, when practicable, and shall request a response from the parent/guardian. (Education Code 51216)

If the conference is to be held on a group basis, the notice shall specify the parent/guardian's right to an individual conference without having to attend the group conference. (Education Code 51216)

If a response to the notice is not received by ten days before the conference, the principal or designee shall make reasonable efforts to contact the parent/guardian and to provide the information contained in the notice. (Education Code 51216)

The student shall attend the conference unless the principal or designee and the student's parent/guardian agree that the student's presence would not be in his/her best interest. (Education Code 51216)

If the parent/guardian does not attend the conference, the principal or designee shall inform him/her about the student's remedial program within ten days after the conference. (Education Code 51216)


approved: March 13, 1992 Petaluma, California