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Waugh ESD |  AR  6162.8  Instruction


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Persons or groups wishing to use district staff, students or property in connection with an academic research project shall submit to the Superintendent or designee a written proposal which includes:

1. Name of researcher(s) and academic credentials

2. Purpose and scope of the project

3. Method of study or investigation to be used

4. Extent of participation expected of students and staff

5. Use to which project results will be put

6. Benefits to the school(s) or the district

The Superintendent or designee shall evaluate the extent to which the proposal:

1. Shows potential for improving instructional programs and strategies

2. Addresses a relevant educational problem, concern or issue

3. Is designed to minimize interruptions and demands upon the time of students and staff

The Superintendent or designee may approve the proposed project for a period of one school year or less. To extend any project into a second school year, the researcher(s) must obtain approval from the Superintendent or designee.

Researchers shall certify that they will use no school names in the publication of findings without the approval of the Superintendent or designee.


approved: August 12, 2003 Petaluma, California