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Criteria For Evaluation Of Consolidated Programs   

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The Superintendent or designee shall conduct annual evaluations to determine whether supplemental services provided by consolidated programs are effective and supportive of the core curriculum. The following criteria shall be used:

1. The programs contribute to the accomplishment of specific program goals and objectives.

2. The programs have improved student reading, writing, mathematics and speaking skills at all levels.

3. The programs have improved student performance in core curricular areas as addressed in the school plan.

4. The programs have improved the curriculum and instructional methodologies.

5. The programs provide a coordinated curriculum, academically focused, with rigorous content.

6. The programs have affected:

a. Student attendance and attitudes.

b. Student self-esteem.

c. The rate of dropouts, retentions, suspensions and expulsions.

d. The number of parent/guardian complaints.

e. Student participation in school activities.

f. The incidence of absenteeism, resignations and requests for transfers among staff.

g. The incidence and costs of school violence, vandalism and theft of property.

h. The satisfaction of staff, parents/guardians and students with school services and the decision-making processes.

7. The programs have enhanced the school's effectiveness in areas identified in the school plan.

8. The programs are responsive to students' individual strengths, interests and learning styles.

9. The programs promote appreciation and pride in academic learning.

10. The programs offer prompt assistance to those not experiencing success.

11. The programs teach students problem-solving and decision-making skills necessary for success throughout life.

12. The programs identify individual needs and provide instruction appropriate to those needs.

13. The programs are conducted in a safe and orderly environment.

(cf. 0500 - Review and Evaluation)

(cf. 6000 - Concepts and Roles in Instruction)

Legal Reference:


62005.5 Failure to comply with purposes of funds

64000-64001 Consolidated Application Process


3930-3937 Program requirements

3942 Continuity of funding


adopted: March 13, 1992 Petaluma, California