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Waugh ESD |  E  9320  Board Bylaws

Meetings And Notices   

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Government Code 54954 Provisions Regarding Meetings Outside District Boundaries

Governing Board meetings may be held outside district boundaries only to: (Government Code 54954)

1. Comply with state or federal law or court order or attend a judicial or administrative proceeding to which the district is a party

2. Inspect real or personal property which cannot conveniently be brought into the district, provided that the topic of the meeting is limited to items directly related to the property

3. Participate in meetings or discussions of multiagency significance, provided these meetings are held within one of the other agencies' boundaries, with all participating agencies giving the notice required by law

4. Meet in the closest meeting facility if the district has no meeting facility within its boundaries or if its principal office is located outside the district

5. Meet with elected or appointed state or federal officials when a local meeting would be impractical, solely to discuss legislative or regulatory issues affecting the district over which the state or federal officials have jurisdiction

6. Meet in or near a facility owned by the district but located outside the district, provided the meeting is limited to items directly related to that facility

7. Visit the office of the district's legal counsel for a closed session on pending litigation, when doing so would reduce legal fees or costs

8. Attend conferences on nonadversarial collective bargaining techniques

9. Interview residents of another district regarding the Board's potential employment of an applicant for Superintendent of the district

10. Interview a potential employee from another district


version: February 15, 2005 Petaluma, California