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Waugh ESD |  BB  9323.1  Board Bylaws

Order Of Business   

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Regular business meetings will be transacted in the order outlined below:

I. Closed Session

II. Call to order

III. Quorum established

IV. Pledge of Allegiance

V. Approval Of Agenda

VI. Information and proposals

A. Superintendent's report

B. Community input

C. Governing Board discussion

D. Letters and communications

E. Policies/Regulations

VII. Action items

A. Approval of minutes

B. Old business

C. New business

D. Personnel

1. Employment

2. Resignations

3. Other actions

E. Policies/Regulations

VIII. Advance planning

A. Future meeting dates

B. Suggested agenda items

IX. Closed session

X. Adjournment

(cf. 9323 - Agenda/Meeting Materials)


adopted: March 11, 1993 Petaluma, California