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Use Of School Facilities   

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Fee Schedule

Permission to use facilities will be granted only by the administrator responsible for the site, and according to district policy and the following fee schedule. Fees shall be collected in advance of use in less previously approved by the district Superintendent. Fees listed are on a per use basis unless otherwise noted.

Fees are per hour with a three hour minimum charge.

Additional fees may be levied after use if facilities are damaged or items are missing.

Additional fees for custodial times may be levied at the discretion of the site administrator or district superintendent.

Facilities Available for Public Use Direct Cost(1) Fair Rental Value2

Athletic Field $25.00 $35.00

Playground $25.00 $35.00

Multipurpose Room $30.00 $40.00

Multipurpose Room with Kitchen

and/or stage $35.00 $45.00

Sound and/or Projection System

in Multipurpose Room $40.00 $50.00

Computer Lab not available for use

Classroom $10.00 n/a

Parking Lot3 $25.00 $35.00

Personnel Fees

Standby/Cleanup Custodian4 $25.00 per hour (minimum one hour)

Callback Custodian $40.00 for first hour; $25.00 per hour

thereafter (1 hour increments)

Callback Maintenance $45.00 for first hour; $30.00 per hour

thereafter (1 hour increments)

Administrator Callback $80.00 for first hour; $55.00 per hour

thereafter (1 hour increments)

1. Amount charged for use by any organization composed predominately of Waugh School District residents. Facilities must be left in same condition as before use.

2. Fair Rental Value is charged to any group or organization who profits from use.

3. Parking Lot fee not assessed when other facilities are already charged

4 This fee assessed any time a custodian is previously assigned, or needed during use, but already on site.

5. Use of classrooms will only be approved after permission is granted from classroom teacher agreeing to the use and approval from administration.


version: August 11, 2018 Petaluma, California

revised: September 11, 2018