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Right to CFRA Leave: Denial of Leave; Reasonable Request; Permissible Limitation.   

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(a) It is an unlawful employment practice for a covered employer to refuse to grant, upon reasonable request, a CFRA leave to an eligible employee, unless such refusal is justified by the permissible limitation specified below in subdivision (c).

(b) Denial of leave.

(1) Burden of proof.

Denial of a request for CFRA leave is established if the Department or the employee shows, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the employer was a covered employer, the employee making the request was an eligible employee, the request was for a CFRA qualifying purpose, the request was reasonable, and the employer denied the request for CFRA leave.

(2) Reasonable request.

A request to take a CFRA leave is reasonable if it complies with any applicable notice requirements, as specified in section 11091, and if it is accompanied, where required, by a certification, as that term is defined in section 11087(a).

(c) Limitation on Entitlement.

If both parents are eligible for CFRA leave but are employed by the same employer, that employer may limit leave for the birth, adoption or foster care placement of their child to 12 workweeks in a 12-month period between the two parents. The employer may not limit their entitlement to CFRA leave for any other qualifying purpose. If the parents are unmarried, they may have different family care leave rights under FMLA.

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