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Article 9. Penalties for the Submission of Fraudulent Documents   

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Any person is guilty of a misdemeanor who, individually or in a representative or any other capacity, does any of the following:

(a) Alters with fraudulent intent, or uses or attempts to use any altered diploma, certificate, transcript, affidavit, or any other evidence to be used in obtaining a credential or certificate authorizing service in the public schools.

(b) Assumes any degree or title not conferred upon him or her in the manner and by the authority recognized in this chapter with intent to represent falsely that he or she has received that degree or title, or who willfully makes any false statement on any application for examination, license, credential, or certificate under this chapter.

(c) Sells, barters, or offers to sell or barter, or purchase or procure directly or indirectly with the intent that it be fraudulently used, any license, credential, or permit authorizing service in the public schools, or any diploma, certificate, affidavit, transcript, or any other evidence required for use in connection with any application for, or the granting of any license, credential, or certificate authorizing service in, the public schools.

(d) Performs or attempts to perform any teaching or other certified service in any public school under a false or assumed name, or under any name other than that inscribed by the commission on any license, credential, or certificate authorizing him or her to perform those services. This provision shall not apply to persons who, because of marriage or other good faith reasons, have given notice of a name change.

(e) Refuses or willfully fails to surrender upon demand of the commission, his or her license, credential, or certificate authorizing teaching or service in the public schools upon revocation, suspension, or voiding of those documents under this chapter.

(Added by Stats. 1986, Ch. 632, Sec. 1.)