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Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program   

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(a) As a condition of receiving funds, each county office of education and consortium of county offices of education with a foster youth services coordinating program operated pursuant to this chapter shall, to the extent possible, develop and enter into a memorandum of understanding, contract, or formal agreement with the county child welfare agency pursuant to which foster youth services coordinating program funds shall be used, to the maximum extent possible, to leverage funds received pursuant to Title IV-E of the federal Social Security Act (42 USC Sec. 670 et seq.) and any other funds that may be used to specifically address the educational needs of pupils in foster care, or they shall explain in writing, annually, why a memorandum of understanding is not practical or feasible.

(b) To the extent possible, each foster youth services coordinating program is encouraged to consider leveraging other local funding opportunities to support the educational success of pupils in foster care.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 2015, Ch. 781, Sec. 9. Effective October 11, 2015.)