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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 7.5. California English Language Development Test Article 3. Test Variations/Accommodations/Modifications Variations.   

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(a) School district may provide all pupils the following variations:

(1) Test directions that are simplified or clarified in English for the Reading and Writing sections.

(2) Sufficient time to complete the test as provided in the directions for test administration.

(b) School districts may provide all pupils the following variations if regularly used in the classroom:

(1) Special or adaptive furniture;

(2) Special lighting or acoustics, visual magnifying, or audio amplification equipment;

(3) An individual carrel or study enclosure;

(4) Covered overlay, masks, or other means to maintain visual attention to the test consistent with contractor's test directions;

(5) Test individual in a separate room provided that the pupil is directly supervised by an employee of the school district or nonpublic school who has signed the Test Security Affidavit; and

(6) Manually Coded English or American Sign Language to present directions for administration (does not apply to test questions).

(c) If a school district proposed the use of a variation on the test that is not listed in this section, 11516.5, or 11516.6, the school district may submit a request to the department for review of proposed variation in administering the test.

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